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"Mr Faust?" I called as I stepped into the classroom. He looked up and glanced at the clock which indicated I was late. He looked back at me waiting for me to explain. "My French teacher kept the class behind for disruption" 

He hummed and put something away. "Can't be helped" he said simply and gestured I sit down. "So today you shall stay for two hours, correct?" I nodded and he gave me a smile. "Good" he said slowly. 

I felt my cheeks warm and licked my lips getting out my books. We got down to work and it was quite simple. Mr Faust walked round me as he spoke and at one point when he leant in close I couldn't stop the forbidden shiver. He stayed there as well his warm breath traveling over my neck and down to my chest. I could just see Mr Faust's eyes studying me and not what I was writing to the question sheet he'd given me.

"I-I'm done" I stuttered putting down my pen and sitting still. His eyes tore away from me then down to my paper but his breath still warmed my neck. He leaned round me an arm either side of me as he checked my paper.

I shivered he looked at me so his breath hit my neck directly. I looked at him too barely an inch between us. "You've done very well" he said slowly making my eyes focus on his lips. The way they moved. How they were so close and seeming to get closer?

In fact they were getting closer cause a moment later his lips touched mine. Soft and warm. They were exactly how I imagined. He pulled back and I scrambled to my feet putting his desk between us. He was watching me a little amused. "I-I should go" I said and head for the door but when I tried to pull it open he was there his one hand keeping the door closed. I turned to face him finding him so close. "I-I won't tell anyone"

"I know cause you liked it didn't you" he said touching my cheek. The simple touch made my eyes almost flutter closed but I forced them open once his fingers left my cheeks. The touch was soon replaced though by his kiss. His soft, warm lips on mine then his fiery hot tongue prying my lips apart so it could delve in.

My eyelids fell shut as my whole body responded to him. My arms barely reached to wrap around his neck and even then he had to pick me up so it was comfortable. To keep me at the right height he pressed me to the door and hooked his hands under my thighs. 

I felt my blood starting to boil with heat and felt myself going dizzy. I'd dreamed of something like this. I had dreamed of his kisses but I never in a million years thought it would happen or be this intense.

Suddenly the alarm for the end of are session went off and James lowered me to the ground prying herself off me. "Time for you to go home" he said his teacher attitude returning.

"No" I got out feeling a little helpless as he moved back from me. 

He chuckled and got something from his desk slipping it into my book. "I will see you next session, Sophie" he purred. 

Taking my book and picking up my bag I watched him for a moment before leaving numbly. As I headed down the corridor I had to stop and touch my lips. We'd kissed. He'd kissed me. I smile feeling my heart swell. I opened my book and found a contact card. I swallowed and quickly put the info into my phone before tossing the card. 

I wondered whether I should text him or if he was too cool for texts. I was questioning everything all the way home.

The End

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