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Going to the movies with Dominic had been fun but it was as we were walking home that he began testing the boundaries. He offered to carry my bag and then took hold of my hand some while later. By the time we reached my house, since he had insisted on walking me home, he looked ready to pounce.

"Listen" I quickly said as Dominic leant forward. "I know we've been friends for a long time but I'm not the kind of girl to rush things"

Dominic winced and rubbed the back of his head smiling cheekily. "You noticed what I was doing huh?"

"The offering to carry my bag to get hold of my hand then the constant leaning in" I pointed out which made him laugh. Which honestly made me smile. Dominic had a nice laugh but I wasn't interested in him. I wasn't interested in any guy I met. I only had eyes for Sophie but I couldn't tell at all if she had eyes for me. The only way to find out would to see her reaction to me dating Dominic. 

"Sorry" Dominic said pulling me out of my thought as he stepped back. "I won't do anything as long as this saying take it slow thing means there is another date"

I shoved my hands in my pockets thinking before giving him a small smile. "Maybe. It depends what you come up with next" I said cheeky before moving to go in my house. "Goodnight, Dominic"

"Aw, not gonna invite me in"

I let out an awkward laugh. "Goodnight, Dominic" I said again as I began to close the door behind me. I saw him smile then turn on his heels just before the door closed. I turned and leant against the door heavily. Shaking my head I yanked off my boots and dumped them by the shoe rack.

My body ached all over. I mean I hadn't stopped moving from seven this morning so it was no shock I was tired. Reaching upstairs I began to change into my pj's to go to sleep which is when my phone began ringing its familiar tune.

I picked it off my side table and put it to my ear as I laid down. "Hey, Sophie" I said. "So did Devil Teacher let you off?"

"Mr Faust agreed as long as I stay behind later tomorrow. I made sure to get your present on the way home"

"You didn't need to" I smiled feeling like I had my friend back from the horrible clutches of the worst high school teacher. 

Sophie laughed softly through the phone. Her laugh was like honey. It was like chocolate or the smell of fresh bread in the morning. It was every sweet taste and every lovely rich smell. No laugh could touch it not even Dominic's rusty one which made other girls spines tingle apparently. "I couldn't not get you a present and you say that every year but you always smile when I give it to you"

"How could I not be happy?"

"I suppose getting presents is nice especially from someone close to you" she said making my spine tingle as she spoke.

"Exactly" I breathed.

"Oh" Sophie quickly said like she forgot something but now remembered. "I need to tell you something. Um... Its a little embarrassing"

"What? Don't say you left the price on after you wrapped the present" I teased which is when Sophie went quiet. I frowned listening to her breath from the other side of the phone. "Soph? I was joking you know"

"Oh, I know. Um.... no, it doesn't matter. It wasn't anything important or funny" she quickly said. I laughed hoping she'd relaxed cause her voice calm across tense and obviously nervous.

"Okay then"

"I have to go"

"Good-" the phone cut off. "-night" I finished with a frown putting my phone down on the side table before staring at my feeling. I may not be good at reading people but something really was up with her.

I wish she'd just tell me. 

The End

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