What did I do?! - SophieMature

"Um so one of the main questions could be about how the book starts off with this island with this garden of eden feel but slowly become sinister like the boys have damaged the island with their humanity" I muttered scribbling down notes.

"Exactly" Mr Faust breathed from behind me as he leant to check my notes. My hand began to shake as my heart beat quickened. He must of not noticed cause he moved back round to his desk. "I think you should also study the fire what it represents and how actions evolve around it. Write that down for homework"

He gestured towards my book and I quickly scribbled it down but felt my heart deflate. He would only be giving homework if it was near the end of the session. I glanced at the clock at saw the hand close to 4:30 which meant we'd been working for the past hour now. I heaved a sigh and put down my pen. "Are we studying again tomorrow, sir?" I asked hopefully.

"Well we will have to if you can't study Friday because of some party. So we will have to make the use of tomorrow which will be our last session of this week till the next" 

It made my heart hurt how he stated the obvious so plainly like that. I wish the week went on forever. I wish Rowen didn't have her stupid birthday on Friday. Oh gosh, I really shouldn't think that. I pushed my things into my bag and licked my lips nervously. It was a bad habit of mine. I nibbled at my lips when I was nervous which left them cracked if they went dry.

"Here again in your office, sir?"

"Where else?" he said looking up at me with a soft smirk. I felt my heart hammer against my ribcage.

"Well, we did study at your home, sir. It was a lovely home. Wish I lived there with you" I muttered then flushed as the idea of living with Mr Faust entered my mind. The idea of him cooking me dinner or cooking him dinner. "But of course that was just cause you had to go home. It's not like we can do that again. I mean.. I.. Goodbye, sir" 

"Good Evening, Miss Winworth" he said seeming to smile as he said it. "Be careful on your way home"

"I-I will" I stutter then left the room. I went to the bathroom first where I splashed my face with water hoping to rub the embarrassment out of my skin. What I had said was the most forward thing I had ever said and it hadn't been that forward. It had been inappropriate though. 


I lifted my bag onto my shoulders and began to head out the school. As I did I saw Mr Faust by his car. I watched his lean body bend down to pack away boxes and I found my eyes wandering over his arms and chest. His skin had the most beautiful tan and he just looked. He looked perfect. 

Suddenly the thought sprang he could turn round any moment and catch me looking so I quickly headed off towards the bus stop. I would have to stop by town to fetch Rowen's present before I finally got home.

I didn't know what to get her. I had no clue what to get her. My mind went over all I could get Mr Faust... No, James. I bit my lip as I smiled. To call a teacher by his first name seemed to go against this unspoken rule of having to call a teacher 'sir' or 'miss' or their last name.

James was a wonderful name though. Such a wonderful name....

The End

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