Almost Sixteen - RowenMature

I would have skipped down the hallway to my class with Sophie had I not been concious of the people around me. The reason I was so excited is cause I couldn't wait to plan my party with her which was going to be this Friday.

I reached my next class and sat next to her. "Hey" I grinned. She glanced up confused by my smile. She closed the book she'd been reading and put it away. "So... Friday"

"What about it?" 

I flinched and looked at Sophie pained. "It's my birthday" I whispered causing a look of guilt to go over my friends face. She stuttered to find words which is when the teacher walked in silencing everyone. Sophie sat next to me quietly through out the entire lesson and I didn't know what to say cause I was hurt.

When the lesson ended I packed up silently. "Rowen, I'm sorry" Sophie said flustered. "Its just I have those revision sessions after school but I promise I will come to your birthday"

I relaxed. "Thanks, Sophie"

"Look, I have to go make sure its alright with, Mr Faust, but I'll see you at lunch" Sophie smiled sheepishly then rushed off. I watched her as she left and as she left she changed from being my best friend to the shy girl the school knew.

I sighed cause I really wanted Sophie to give herself a chance to let go. Wandering out of class I ran straight into Dominic. "Gosh, sorry" I said quickly. "I really wasn't looking where I was going"

"Well, I was looking for you" Dominic grinned down at me. "I was wondering if you were free to hang out at break. I needed some help with Chemistry homework"

I frowned cause Dominic was great at Chemistry but I smiled back at him. "Sure" I said and followed him down to the library. Dominic decided we were going to sit in the far corner on the sofa type seats. He also decided to sit very close which was slightly uncomfortable.

"So what homework is it?" I asked shifting away from him.

He chuckled and put a hand through his hair. "Well... I actually wasn't fully honest with you"

"Huh?" I said confused but knowing homework was never really going to be something that Dominic asked for help with. He may be a bit of a bad apple but that didn't mean he was bad at everything.

"I wanted to get you alone to ask if you'd like to go see a film tonight"

"Dominic...." I said trailing off looking away which is when I saw Sophie who was talking to Mr Faust. She looked a little flustered but I didn't understand why. All I knew then is that my best friend had been focusing so much on her English after school session's that she had forgot my birthday. "That would be great" I finished turning back to Dominic.

"Great, so" he coughed. "Shall we meet by the gate?"

"I don't see any problem with that" I shrugged. Dominic's fingers brushed the back of my hand and I glanced away like I was embarrassed but it was actually to see Sophie.

She was gone though. She'd obviously left with Mr Faust which made me annoyed. Had she not noticed I was there? Usually she'd wait till I'd stop talking with a person then come over. She'd never leave. Irritated I quickly smiled at Dominic.

"Look, I have to go see a teacher. See you after school yeah?" I waited for a nod before heading off. I needed time alone.

Then I realised I'd just gotten myself a date with a guy that I could never possibly like just to get Sophie jealous. I slipped into the bathroom and leant against the sink. What if she didn't get jealous though? The whole dating thing would be a waste of time. I leant down to splash my face with water. It was going to be hard stopping Dominic from making advances. 

The End

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