A Child's BreathMature

I slid smoothly into the seat beside Sophie. Her trembling hands twisted as she focused on her feet and I hid a small smile. She bit her lip as I started the car and it lurched as I reversed out of the school parking lot. 

As the world flew past our car, we made polite small talk about the school's science block being redecorated and refurbished. Every now and then she'd go quiet as she tried to control the steadily growing scarlet blush which flooded her cheeks whenever I made an innuendo about something - she obviously got the second meanings. 

Eventually, after what seemed like an age, I reached my street. Turning into my drive, gradually coming to a slow halt. I looked at Sophie, gesturing for her to get out the car with me, flashing her a broad smile. 

'Um... wow.' She murmured. I looked at her quizzically, facial experiment. I was actually surprised I could contort my face into so many different emotional expression within one day. My usually tight facial muscles will be aching tonight!

'What?' I questioned her awed expression. Although I knew exactly what she was "wowing" at. My house was impressive, large, old with fancy gothicesque windows, fragrant lavender flourished in my constantly preened garden and pale purple wisteria crawled up the left hand side of the front of my house.But that is what you gain from having extremely rich parents, along with a few other trimmings.

'You're house... it's so... wow.' She stammered as I lead her to the door, gracefully producing an ancient, heavy metal house key from my wallet; I gave her a sultry look from underneath my eyelashes which would be enough to make her toes curl there and then. 

Upon swinging the door open, she was greeted with a glorious sight - carefully waxed and polished floorboards complimented by a steep-stepped, winding staircase. Through the front door you could easily catch sight of the spotless kitchen which I'm assuming had been scrubbed clean by my hired maid hours beforehand. 

She licked her lips nervously, blinking rapidly as though she thought we'd stepped into the wrong house. I strode in with a certain confidence which has half cocky, half strikingly brilliant, 'come on in then,' I laughed, beckoning her into the depths of my house with a crooked finger.

She gave me a shaky smile before entering the threshold, slipping off her shoes as she entered. 

'Uh, where should I put my bags, Sir?' She asked, her voice wavering a little as I smiled at her, cocking my head whilst she asked the question.

I offered her my hand, 'I'll take them to the cloakroom. This way, Sophie. Would you like a drink of something?'

'What do you have?' I pursed my lips, looking back at her as we walked as I thought. 

'Well, I have water,' I gave a short, dry laugh as I stated the obvious, 'cola, lemonade, Fanta, iced tea,  orange squash and barely squash. Take your pick,' I recited as I placed her bags in the closet under the staircase, moving smoothly into the kitchen. 

She fidgeted for a couple of seconds before saying too quickly, 'water please. Just water.' 

I grinned, grabbing a glass from the cupboard, spinning it in my fingers as I moved toward the taps. I poured her a glass, handing her it before pulling a tin of iced tea from the fridge, snapping it open and taking a quiet sip, studying Sophie as she gulped down her water. Once the cool glass parted with her full, pink lips a little moisture remained on her upper lip, before she wiped it away with the back of her hand.

I coughed, before I said, 'so, shall we make our way into my study?'

'Um, yeah.'

She followed me, taking light steps as though she though walking normally was going to distract me from my path through the long corridor. 

I glanced back at her as I opened the glass doors, swinging my arm out to allow her to enter before myself - why, I'm always the gentleman. I resisted the urge to chuckle humourlessly at my own inner joke. 

'Um, my books...' 

'I was thinking about that. But I have this!' I declared playfully, gently tugging on a chord which hung from the top of my wall. I dragged down a projector screen and tossed her a clean, new notepad from my desk - she caught it awkwardly between her palms. 

That was when I was in my element, I flaunted my speech and English language capabilities, carefully explaining key points that would most likely pop up in her exams. Every now and then I'd pout my lips beguilingly enough to distract her from her work completely at some points. 

It was only a matter before I entrapped her within my hands... more like she'd play straight into them herself. And by the looks of it, that was going to be more and more likely.

It wasn't long before I noticed her simply staring at my face, not the projector screen for around ten minutes. I coughed apologetically, one of my eyebrows quirked up, a teasing smirk lingered on my face as I stared right back at her.

She blinked, then suddenly flushed a strawberry red, puffing out her lips in embarrassment. I laughed freely at her innocence which resembled that of a small child. A wave of an odd emotion I couldn't quite place washed over me, threatening to rip off my kindly teacher demur once again. I placed the confusing feelings aside, flashing her a dazzlingly angelic grin.

'Can't blame anyone for looking,' I murmured in a seductively cajoling tone. Her bottom lip trembled longingly, and she squirmed under my unwavering gaze of longing.

Once I knew I had her stuck tight in my grip, I flicked my eyes to her one last time before swinging too easily back into teacher her English. I may have had a calm, collected exterior at that point in time, but my insides and primal impulses were banging painfully on the insides of my head, screaming shrilly to let my animalistic side loose and take advantage of Sophie.

But I was above such simple tactics. I would take my time, selecting the right moments to let her savour my antagonisingly slow allurement of her. 

Half an hour later, I was showing her to the nearest bus stop, pushing a five pound note into her hand, 'for bus fair.' I smiled sneakily as she tried to protest and thrust it back into my palm.

'No, I can't!' She said hurriedly, catching sight of the bus in the distance.

I leaned over her short frame, lightly running my tongue over my top lip I whispered silkily, 'no, Sophie. I insist.' Putting a wind like effect on "insist".

Her eyes went wide and she ducked under my arm, scurrying towards the bus which breaked at the bus stop with a ear-piercing screech, 'thanks, Sir! Thanks for today!' She called through the window of the seat she had taken as the bus sped off into the distance.

Oh yes. Only a matter of time.


The End

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