Evening - SophieMature

I spent the whole day in a state of absence from reality. I couldn't concentrate on any of the subjects that were put before me. My mind was in another place thinking about Mr Faust's touch on my skin how soft he had been. I was anticipating when I got to see him again having only my session with him this afternoon.

It was during my last lesson that I got sent a note saying to go to his office straight away at the end of school which got me worried. I was almost running as I headed to his office and knocked quickly not waiting for him to reply before I stepped in. "Sir, you said there was a problem?" I whispered as I entered.

He looked up from his desk at me making my heart swoon. "Ah, Sophie" he said standing up from behind his desk. "I'm afriad I wont be able to take your lesson today... unless."

"Unless what, sir?" I said feeling my heart begin to deflate.

"But  it would be unthinkable and I could get into far too much trouble for it. Please, thank you for your time" he said causing my heart to deflate even more.

"S-Sir, I really to improve my grades" I spoke rushed. I couldn't not spend time with him.

After I spoke it was like he tried to hide a smirk but I must have imagined it. "Well, what I was going to suggest was... my house is free even if my office is not." 

"Um, I dont think that would be inappropriate, sir" I breathed as a flush ran over my cheeks. Of course it was inappropriate but at this point in time I didn't much care.

"Really now, but you must not mention this to anyone. I could get into far much more trouble than it's worth if word get's out" he smiled to me it seemed a little cheeky but it was still a nice smile. So far as I could tell anyway.

"Of course, sir" I nodded.

"Well, then. Are you okay to go now?" he asked causing me to nod again more eagerly to which he smiled at. We headed out of the cool. "This is my car" he said as we reached a lovely BMW which just proved that he had the money to go with his looks. I smiled sheepishly beginning to feel nervous cause the more it became clear we were heading to his house the more it felt like some sort of date rather than a revision session.

It was then he opened the door and told me his house wasn't to far but by this point I was becoming dizzy in his presence so gave a simple nod. I mean it really was like a date wasn't it? No, I couldn't think that... or could I? I pushed the thoughts as side but as the car began to move on I found myself sinking into a quiet state with excitement bubbling inside of me.

The End

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