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I sat around the restaurant table, tittering women and loosely laughing men. And these drunken fools were supposed to be my co-workers. You had got to be kidding me. A sophisticated man such as myself, who pours the majority of my week towards teaching  mentally crippled neanderthals which the government insists on calling students. As I said. "Student" is a funny word.

'Heyjameswhere're you goin' to after thish?' Marie, a secretaries intern who left the school last week, slurred into my ear in a poor attempt to sound seductive. 

'Home.' I replied shortly, 'and yourself?' I breathed, widening my eyes and providing her with a sultry smile - just the thing she wanted.

'I, uh, Idunno. Think I'll catsh the bus'ome.' She stammered back to me, an ugly blotched blush spread over her cheek, showing up in patches through spots of her foundation which she had sweated off during the meal.

'Oh, but all the buses have stop going now.' I said, mocking confused shock. I tilted my eyebrows, morphing my face into a pitying shape.

'Oh.' She frowned, her gormless face pulled into a frown. I licked my lips very slowly, pushing back my hair which had fallen out of it's usual place, combed back, and into my eyes, staring right at her.

'I suppose you'll have to stay I someone's house,' I purred, 'why not grab the chance to have some fun?' I put emphasis on "fun". 

I was used to this. Some woman comes up to me, sluggishly fails at seducing me, I fuck her and never call her back. But Marie was different, she was usually a classy woman. If I wasn't somewhat smitten with the painfully innocent and naive Sophie Winworth I could have considered her as a potential partner. 

But seeing her in this state put me off the idea completely. Being in a relationship with a woman like that just would not work. 

I took her hand gently, playing with her painted fingertips. Sophie never painted her fingernails from what I knew. Too easy looking. Sophie was above all that silly pre-pubescent nonsense. She was too high in her own world, her own divine version of heaven.

I looked back at Marie, my eyes searched her body with something of suspicion. They hovered over her full chest and slim waist, then trailed over her hair. It was medium length, dyed a matte caramel colour. Nowhere near the same as Sophie's. But I could definitely make do.

I tugged on her wrist and pulled her along behind me, without saying a word to the other staff who were far to wrapped up in complaining about their job to notice us leave. She giggled as I opened the door of my car for her, she slid onto the cool leather sits ungracefully, crossing her legs as she clipped in her seatbelt.

I slided onto my own seat, twisting the keys, setting the car into first gear and set off smoothly. 

As we entered my house, I slammed the door behind me, pushing Marie up against the hallway wall without a word, my lips crashing down on hers. Clothes were tugged off as we tumbled to the floor. The bed was reserved for now, reserved for a young girl who would be sprawled out on the crisp, white duvet screaming out as I leaned over her small frame..

My fingers danced along her falsely tanned skin, and I closed my eyes in an attempt to envision long auburn hair and adorably pink cheeks. Soon all clothes had been torn off and on the cold, hard wooden floor in front of my back door I did what I had done far too many times since I met Sophie. 


Animalistic grunts and growls filled my head as I sat at my kitchen table, smoking a cigarette over a cup of well-earned coffee. Marie had left hurriedly this morning, leaving early enough to catch the very first bus of the day,

That was all on my part though. 

I made a mistake during the events of last night. At the my peak, I screamed out the wrong name. Now that had never happened before.

I think it was finally time I claimed the prize I'd been gunning for for the past three years...

The End

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