Afternoon Session - SophieMature

I was watching the clock all the way through French and luckily I didn't have to deal with Rowen before I headed over to Mr Faust's office. No, that was wrong. Rowen was a great friend and she'd totally had understood when I'd explained I'd have less time to hangout.

Although, I was probably too excited about this... study session with Mr Faust for my English. Despite the fact he was known as the devil teacher he was still my favourite teacher. Ever since I'd first seen him in year 8. I'd never told anyone about my little teacher crush on Mr Faust not even Rowen who I actually learned despised the teacher as much as everyone else which wasn't good being in my shoes.

Reaching the office door I knocked lightly being able to hear my pounding heart. Mr Faust opened the door and smiled down at me with his beautiful smile. "Sophie, come in"

I walked in timidly and took a seat in front of his desk. I wasn't sure whether I was meant to take out my book or what. "Get your book out please, I think that focusing on the chapter twelve will really help. It has many points which you can focus on that will up your score on the essay section.''

I quickly scrambled to get out my book and then relaxed into the chair as Mr Faust began to read. Every so often he'd stop and explain how that point was relevant to a certain theme in the book that could be set as an essay question and then I'd be told to jot it down. I tried to concentrate on the book but every so often I'd glance at his face and tried to memorise every inch.

If I had been studying him for my exam my mind would never would wander but since it wasn't I kept having to force myself to concentrate on the actual topic. I found the session coming to an end way to quickly and unhappily began to pack up my things. 

I kept the frown off my face because that would have made it to obvious. I tried instead to concentrate on the feeble task of packing my things away. 

"Oh and Sophie" his voice said. I looked round at him seeing him looking up from his desk to look at me. My heart began to do somersaults and I began to find it hard to breath. I didn't know if he could tell though.

He quickly licked his thumb and then wiped it across my cheek with in one, smooth movement. "You had something on your cheek for a while now. Have fun, I'll see you tomorrow." he explained then turned away and to go back to his computer without look back at me. 

I left the room and when the door hand closed behind me I touched my cheek. Shaking my head I walked briskly away down the corridor in a bit of a tipsy fashion.

The End

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