Hangover and Coffee - RowenMature

I woke to the very loud buzzing of my phone. Making it out of my maze of a cover I grabbed my phone. "Hello?" I groaned as I answered it.

"Oh, Ro.. Um, I'm sorry did I wake you up?"

I forced myself awake instantly and scrambled to sit up straight. "Oh no" I said then coughed pathetically. "Um, what's up?"

"I was thinking we could get that coffee now"

"What about English?" I asked getting up and going over to my mirror just to find my hair like a rats nest. I held back my groan as I grabbed a face wipe and began to rub the smudged make-up from my face.

"Oh I'll tell you about that when we meet up" she said sounding all happy. How could she be so happy when I was grovelling in pain? Although, Sophie being very happy was strange.

"Yeah, sure" I muttered. "Starbucks in an hour?"

"Okay, see you there" she said gently then hung up after a few moments hesitation. I shook my head smiling. Maybe I had been wrong yesterday and it is time to tell her. Although, her happy mood. Was she more excited about something else? Someone else or was it just cause the English problem had been lifted off her shoulders.

Getting a quick shower I made myself presentable making sure to wear some glasses as I headed down town to the starbucks. The sun was very bright today but I was coming to the conclusion that everything felt crap cause of the hangover. Sophie was already at starbucks though when I got there and her nervous attitude made me relax.

She was acting normal and everything was fine. "Hey" I called waving to her as she looked my way and came over so we could share a hug.

"I have so much to tell you" she said embarrassed. 

"You... talkative" I blinked confused. "When did that happen?"

"Well its about the English work. I'm going to spending most of my time after school with Mr Faust to boost my grades so I won't be able to spend time with you much next week" she said gently as we walked inside. 

As we stood in line I frowned. "Everyday?"

"Most days" Sophie flushed which caused me to be confused. I was very inquisitive but when it came to reading people I was very bad at it. 

"So... that's your news?"

"Basically yeah" she said as we reached the counter and both ordered a simple coffee with milk. "Look, I know its not as exciting as what you get through gossip but its one of the most I've had all year"

Her nervous laughter made me smile. "Yeah, you should really get out and about more. Make new friends"

"Why when I have you?" she grinned before taking her coffee and heading out. I stood overwhelmed a minute before rushing after her hooking my arm through hers.

"You mean that?" I asked feeling my heart begin to swell.

"Well yeah, I think we'll be friends our whole life" she said which was the worst thing to say. My mood fell instantly but I hid it from Sophie by taking a long swig of my coffee which meant I had to unhook my arm. "Shall we go shopping then?"

"I have homework" I muttered. "For science"

"Well... okay, it was nice to get out though" she said and gave me a hug. "See you at school" she whispered to me before walking off towards her home which was a flat with her father.

With a very very heavy heart I turned on my heels and headed straight back home where I spent the whole day in bed much to my mothers dismay.

The End

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