A Splash of Innocence - JamesMature

Sometimes I felt it was pointless trying to teach pathetic, unintelligent children like these. They had been in higher education for over four years and were still incompetent enough to chat back and claim they are unable to read such a painfully typical GCSE school novel such as "Lord of the Flies". 

The monotone of Sara Lipsey's voice finally finished the page, much to my ear's pleasure. I glanced up at the clock at the back of my classroom.


'You may pack away your things.' I said boredly, snapping the book's tacky oil-painted covers over the pages. I returned to my desk, adjusting the folders that resided in the corner of my disgustingly beige faux wooden desk. 

'Here, sir.' Eddie Stones dropped a heavy pile of dirty, dark-green books next to me in a messy pile. I gave him a short nod, and shooed him away with my hand. I felt my eyes wander over to her. She was talking to that hawk-nosed gossip who she had deemed her best friend. 


Her silken, curled hair tumbled over her shoulder as she answered with a nervous look on her face. Her face was twisted with anxiety and she licked her full lips as she made an attempt to come to some sort of decision. Her bright, intelligent green eyes flicked around the room.

As I dismissed the class, I watch Sophie's back as she weaved in and out of the other students to reach the door. A light smirk playing upon my lips, I called out smoothly, 'Miss Winworth.' She hovered by the door, her hair flipping back as she turned around to look up at me with large, worried eyes, 'please stay behind for a moment.'

I saw Rowen leave the classroom somewhat huffily and Sophie shuffled towards my desk nervously.

'I'm concerned about your grades.' I said forwardly. Because I knew she was not going to talk unless I pressed her to. 

'What? Why?' She asked, licking her lips again - a classical personality trait of hers I had noticed. But then again, there were lot's of other things I had noticed about her, way her mother hadn't bought her those seamed, fitted school blouses so she wore the baggy ones which hung over the waistband of her slightly rolled up, pleated black skirt. The elastic of it accentuated the fact she was slim, but certainly did not have a boyish straight up and down figure.

'Sir?' She mumbled, her tongue lightly tracing the outline of her lips again.

I leaned against the filing cabinet which was behind my desk, one leg bent and my arms folded. 

'Well, Sophie, I know you are a very intelligent young girl and I am not doubting that for one second - otherwise you would not be in my class bearing the name of "Class A".' I began cooly, running a thin hand through my hair, pursing my lips, 'and that is exactly what I mean.'

She looked at me questioningly. Because both she and I knew, at this point in time, she was hitting her target grade right on the head. Sophie dampened her plush lips once again.

'A "B" grade is certainly exceptional, especially in such a school which is lacking high exam results but I believe you could do so much better than that.' 

'Really?' Her face lit up like a beacon of light in the dead of night. I smiled a small smile; standing up so I could loom over her. Her cheeks flared up with such intensity, I wondered if she would stay that colour forever.

'Absolutely. If you just put in maybe, ten percent more effort you could certainly go far in this subject.' I murmured silkily, using my elbow to lean on the whiteboard languidly. 

'But.. I'm already putting in as much effort as I possibly could.' She said sadly, 'I don't know how I could push myself even further...'

I tried to hide my satisfied, smug expression by laughing kindly at her. I was going to lie to myself, seeing her this helpless and weak got me going. Her shy eyes glanced up and down; from me to the floor constantly and her mouth clicked quietly each time her lips parted for her tongue to lick them for what seemed like the hundredth time. 

'Well...' I feigned thoughtfulness to add to the authenticity of my kindly teacher facade, 'I could find some time to help you with your coursework sometime next week after school. If that suits you fine?'

She looked up at me, she cheeks a flaming red as she tried to conceal her excitement, 'really? Yeah, yeah, that'd be great, sir! Thanks!'

I smiled, 'wonderful. Anything to help a student.' 

I chuckled dryly in my head, "student". What a funny word.

The End

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