Taste In MenMature

The story of when a young girl's crush on her teacher goes a little to far and her best friends desperate need for her attention.

Rowen Carter

I tapped my pen on my book absently waiting for the droning voice of the devil teacher to reach the final line of the last page of this chapter. We were reading 'Lord of the flies' a boring book about these boys stuck on an island.

"Psst, Sophie" I said leaning over to my best friend next to me. "Wanna go to starbucks after this lessons done?"

Sophie turned to me biting her lip. She wasn't as talkative as me so was able to stay quiet when we knew we had to be quiet. We also had a huge differ in tastes. Sophie loved English while I was the science nerd. With English though I personally didn't consider it a proper subject.

I mean yeah I need to know how to write but I already knew all these skills that we were being retaught all over again just for the sake that we had an exam.

Sophie was about to reply when devil teachers voice spoke up. "You may pack away your things" Mr Faust said snapping the book in his hands shut then going to stand behind his desk. 

Every one packed away almost quietly but there were a few whispers which were cut short by a glare from Mr Faust. "Starbucks?" I asked Sophie as quiet as I could. She bit her lip and fiddled with the ends of her hair. She glanced at devil teacher who was currently looking across the classroom towards Dominic, a well known trouble.

"I don't know. We do both have a lot of homework" she said as the bell went and we began to head towards the door.

"Miss Winworth" the teachers voice called. Sophie stopped before me while I ended up hesitating by the door. "Please stay behind for a moment" he added then turned to neaten his desk. Sophie glanced at me and mouthed 'sorry' but I shook my head then headed off.

I was a bit sad that Sophie had to stay behind and that she'd turned down my offer to go to starbucks with me. More cause I felt like today could have finally been the day I told her. Admitted my feelings to her. I mean we'd been friends for years and I really should have told her by now.

Her easy decline of my offer to hang out though was enough to make me feel like she didn't feel the same. Well, I mean of course she didn't feel the same. She didn't like girls. She liked guys like Rodney who she had a crush on in year 7. Who knows who she had a crush on now though? 

She hadn't made it clear that she had any feelings towards anyone. I shook my head and instead thought about why Mr Faust would keep Sophie behind. She was close to the top of the class although she had been a bit day dreamy recently in English.

Maybe she did like someone. I heaved a heavy sigh as I reached the crowded bus stop. "Hey, Rowen" Dominic yelled pushing himself through the crowd to stand before me with an arrogant grin on his face. 

"Hi" I muttered putting a hand back through my hair. "What's up?"

"Nothing just wondering if you wanted to come hang out at Kacy's" he grinned. "It is the weekend now"

"It sure is" I smiled and shrugged. "I don't have anything else to do so why not"

Dominic grinned taking my hand and pulling me over to his group. Had Sophie been here there would be no way I'd be going to a party tonight. No chance at all.

The End

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