Chapter 2Mature

The small girl giggled slightly and said “That is my master, Callen, he has taken quite a fancy to you Tasha,” She laid something on the sofa and skipped off out the room. She left her alone, with her dagger in her hand, debating what she should do. Kill them, or Kill herself, or Run. Before she could even decide my body started moving, towards the door, I slid my dagger away, the rubies stopped glinting in the dim light. She had to get out of this place.

She slipped out the door, but suddenly stopped, was this the right thing to do? Would she hurt the guy that brought her here, suddenly Amelia’s words echoed in her head he has taken quite a fancy to you Tasha She looked around slightly, and slid back into the room, the next thing she knew, something had hit her head, and sent her down to the floor. The man that had turned her, dragged her along the floor to the door, he sniggered lightly, when suddenly Callen appeared behind him, and struck him across the neck, sending him down.

 Callen took hold of Tasha and laid her on the sofa. He jumped at the man, whose name was Taylor. Callen slammed his head against the floor, smashing his skull, ripped his head to the right, snapping his neck. Taylor screamed out in pain, this woke Tasha.

She looked at them wide-eyed, and scared, she looked to Callen and then Taylor, she got up quietly and slid out her dagger, the rubies glinting in the dim light. Callen saw this and nodded to her slightly. Taylor was too busy screaming in pain to realize the next thing, Tasha jumped. She slit his throat, and put the dagger in deep, cutting his windpipe. Taylor tried to grip her, but she dodged to the side, and slammed the blade to his chest, ripping it open, blood surrounded him in a deep red pool. Callen smiled lightly, hoping Tasha wouldn’t see, and he was right, she never saw it, he left her to it. She ripped it in deep, cutting into the heart, his shriek was loud, it pierced her ears, but she continued. She severed the veins leading in and out of the heart, he fell limp. Blood covered her face. She got her revenge.

Tasha stood up, and wiped the blood off her face, she felt Callen stare at her, she looked up. He suddenly turned on his heels, put a thumb up to her, and shouted something. People swarmed around her and Taylor, some of them picked up Taylor and carried him out, others dragged Tasha out of the room, the females followed her, and cleaned her up. She looked around at them confused, she saw Amelia, she just smiled at Tasha.

Once they had cleaned her up, they led her back to the windowless room, Callen was sat on the sofa, she thought wow, he is gorgeous, she was shocked at herself, at why she never noticed this before. Then she noticed the person next to him, he looked very young, but he spoke like he had been around for a very long time. “Yes I saved her father,” His soft, masculine voice rang. The man shook his head slightly “She’s here,” They both turned towards her, she noticed she still had the dagger in her hand, she slid it back.

The End

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