When a man finds himself sexually lusting after two sisters, he realizes he will have to choose one over the other before the night comes to an end.

              It seemed a dream to me, lying on that computer-room floor with her sister. The soft glow of the monitor wrapped us in muddled light, tinting the carpet a soft blue. I couldn't even recall how I had gotten to the house. The details seemed blurry, yet there I was. Lying next to Victoria, Tanzy's kid sister by a year. She was sinfully attractive. Whether she was more appealing than Tanzy I couldn't say, but she did have a haunting beauty about her. "Come down here," she said. "You poor man, let me put my legs around you." She smelled so warm. Those eyes.  Terrible, intoxicating orbs. I think After Midnight was lingering in the air.

            "Oh god! Not gonna' make out are you?" Tanzy trotted through the room in her skimpy shorts, wiping down the computer desk with some lemon wipes. I hate lemons. Victoria said she was on one of her cleaning fits. I smirked and cocked a brow. "Have we already made reservations?" Tanzy nodded as if to say, "You betcha' we did," and was down the hallway, through her room and out of sight. The whole situation felt absurd. I leaned over until my lips found Victoria's.

            Ending up here was a fluke really. It had to be. Tanzy was one of my brother's good friends who frequently visited my parent's house that summer. We conversed alone once, out in the garage through a skeleton of stale cigarette smoke and alcohol induced slurs. She insisted my brother and her were just friends. "We look out for each other at parties," she said. "...bail each other out of bad situations and what not.  Sometimes we just cuddle on the couch all night." But I knew my brother well enough to assume he didn't bring a sun-kissed beauty like Tanzy around unless he had other intentions. So here I was, wondering if we had some connection. She must have some interest in me or I wouldn't be here. 

            I snapped to. In a moment of time that didn't make sense, I found myself sitting alone, staring at that blank monitor when she called my name. Victoria was nowhere in sight, and so the room was cold. The lemony scent was overwhelming, nauseating. Where did I go? It was like the light sucked me in and spat me back out.

            Tanzy's room was bathed in orange hue, the eggshell walls dancing in candle flame. She removed her gown, revealing the black lace underneath. As she pulled me into her bed I could remember the smell... there was no smell. I met her mouth and let her lead. Her tongue was stronger than mine even if I did outweigh her by a hundred pounds. We played back and forth until I gave up and pushed her face sideways into the pillow and worked my way down, careening her supple breasts with the tip of my tongue, pinching a nipple beneath my teeth, feeling her breathe. She tasted salty. No, like chemicals. That's it, we had met at the pool earlier that day. Her heart beat quickened, the hot skin between my lips ignited by some inner fire. Then she made noises when I started to kiss her down there, and that's when I heard the door open behind me.

            I lay there naked beneath the blankets while she and some man were lost in argument. He sat on a silver folding chair just in front of the door, his shoulder length copper hair drowning out one eye. They bickered and fussed and got up and waltzed around the room, their hands moving in mad circles to somehow fortify their resolve. Meanwhile, I studied the texture of the walls, mulling over the warmth of that computer room floor. At one point Tanzy stormed from the room. When the man made to follow, I jumped out of bed, exposing myself, and extended a hand saying, "You're a good looking guy." I don't know what made me do it. He reached his hand across, averting his eyes. "Yea', you too," and he left the room as well. From somewhere out in the darkness, down that spiral staircase, I heard the front door slam. A moment later, it slammed again. I walked from the room, my nakedness swallowed up by the darkness. It was then the warm, sweet scent came bearing down, and I surrendered to its embrace. A doorway down the hall whined in protest.  Those eyes were waiting on the other side.

            I strode from the front door to the street, where a green Cherokee had its hatch-back opened. Day had replaced the night.  Voices to the right drew my attention. The copper haired man and some buddies were giggling on a park bench.  "She used to be innocent," I heard one say. "Until she met me, then bamb-o" said Copper. He pointed toward a fence some way across the park when I approached, and by the look in his uncovered eye, I could tell Tanzy was there. As I walked away, one said to a buddy, "...with her sister?"

            Tanzy was clutching the chains of a swing set, kicking wood chips from a rut where a thousand kids might have swung. She really was cute with her tiny body and solemn, pouty face. But she had no smell, and that bothered me. Her mouth opened, but before she could speak, I said, "I know." I didn't, really, but it felt right to say. She leapt up and wrapped me in her skinny arms, thanking me for understanding something I didn't understand, and we departed forever. I sniffed at her hair one last time... just to be sure.

            Victoria was at the open door when I got back, unloading cans of soda. She grabbed me with her smile and brought me in closer. I wrapped my arms around her from behind, breathing in that fatal aroma. We separated, she twirled, the light leaping through her hair. Her eyes asked if any of this was real. By now, I knew it wasn't. She snorted and spit soda at me. That's the moment I fell in love, and that's when the world folded back and turned grey. The edges were jagged, the light bleeding in blooming disarray. The humming was in my ears.

            My room is cold and empty, the corner fan shredding the frigid air. As I lie here in the darkness, I am reminded that the world is grey and lonely and that color is the product of dreams. What a cruel joke. If I could only close my eyes, if I could only get back there.


The End

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