Tannie Hex and the Magic Market

A sweet fairytale of a good-hearted witch on a journey to a tropical island in search of spices for love-infusing potions to help her embittered community. A tale of her adventures and downfalls as she gathers the ingredients to take home.

The broomstick seemed to be getting sluggish with the ever increasing heat and humidity. The night air was thick with the sound of mosquitoes; the giant palms rose out of the black, unseen land far below, making it difficult to negotiate a hazard free ride.

Time to descend” said Tannie Hex to herself “Let's see what this little island is all about.”

Wrapping her cloak tightly around her, although suffocating in the humidity, she steered her broomstick downwards on a spiralling path. Boof! She landed ungraciously on the soft sand like a coconut bouncing off the tree top. Siren, her ever faithful owl bird, was less than impressed as she rolled off and collided with the trunk of a tree. Tannie Hex meanwhile was dancing down to the water's edge, her cloak billowing out behind her while singing completely out of tune.

It's impossible to stay angry with her for long”, thought Siren to herself. Resigned to another fantastical adventure she flew gracefully into the softly lapping waves to revitalise herself.

It had been a while since Tannie Hex had left her beloved Valley but she was on a quest for spices and potion-making fruit that could only be obtained on a tropical island. She wasn't quite sure how she had ended up here, but always trusting to fate, she accepted that this was where she was supposed to be. The last time she had left her home had been in search of dreams for her people; this time she needed spell-making ingredients for aphrodisiacs and love potions to put in the water of her homeland.

Revitalisation of goodwill for the community was becoming increasingly necessary. Everyone appeared lack lustre and contentious - a little love all round would work wonders. Not least with the wily old wizard, Petrolius, who would in time, the lucky man, have his own magical infusion administered by her own fair hand.

The cool, soothing effect of the sea upon skin calmed Tannie Hex into slumber. Curled up under a group of young pine trees and covered with her cloak, she and Siren slept the sleep of a thousand dreams.

The End

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