The Rules Don't ApplyMature

The Summary

A year out of college, a new place to call home in New York and a new job, Catelyn's life is just now truly beginning and the start is seemingly promising of happiness and fulfillment to come. 

Beautiful but quiet and inverted by nature, the day she comes across the  young and unmistakably desirable, self-made multi-billion dollar mogul, Jonah McIntyre, the last person she expects him to take notice of is namely, her.

But notice isn't the only thing Jonah takes as he begins to break down every wall she's ever effectively and unknowingly erected around herself. Fighting desperately to possess every part of the woman that so suddenly became the center of his world, including her body, her soul and most importantly, her heart.


Sunday morning, I sat curled up on the sofa amongst one or two leftover boxes from the move which were struggling to get fully unpacked.  Three months ago, Vince and I had finally packed up our things and made the move we had always planned on making, after I had become one of the leading choices to receive the assistant editing job I was going out for. The great city of New York is where that decision had found us. We had easily secured a moderate sized two bedroom rental, which was on the small side, but had a certain and unmistakable charm with its ornate moldings and intricate tiled floorings.

Overall, I was pleased with the turnout; I loved the quaint coziness of the place and with some fixing up, it could really be something. Vince … hadn’t been so convinced at first and had insisted that we go for something bigger, more modern and at the end of the day, more expensive.

He loved flashy and new while I was content with old, memory filled, and loved, which this place was and had been. I also wasn’t willing to only be able to pay a small portion of the astronomical rent price we’d find at some place that better fit his high expectations, and while Vince could afford it and would in turn be taking the brunt of the blow when it came to the price; I certainly could not and had no desire to.

I wouldn’t feel anywhere near comfortable in one of those stuffy Upper East Side apartments where only the ridiculously rich and famous resided after having lived in a small and modest town for most of my life. My sense of pride too, would never allow me to ride on Vince’s money in that way or anyone else’s for that matter, though I knew Vince would never look at it from that perspective.

He made a point to often do something outrageously expensive or extravagant for me, special occasion or otherwise, and though I was nowhere near ungrateful, the tally for those events was currently larger than I’d like to admit.

I’d always known him to say in moments like those, when I was spluttering in indignation over his adamant refusal to heed to my wishes, “If not for you, baby girl, then who else?” I loved Vince, but when he went out of his way for me or anyone else, no stone was left unturned considering his generosity. In the end I’d made a point to talk him down about the apartment and eventually, luckily, he’d given in, because with Vince, the conversation could have easily gone another way, but for the most part, he respected my preferences and took them to heart.

I stretched, long and luxurious, smothering a yawn in the process. Gleefully, I held my latest conquest in my hands and was loving every page turning minute of it. I’d been up all night trying to finish the four hundred page, bodice buster of a romance. Every girl needed her spoonful of the stuff every once in a while, including myself. Especially when her love life was practically non-existent.

The past week had been hectic, what with my new job finally being secured. Leaving me with little to no time to read at all. I’d found myself running around from place to place like a chicken with its head cut off during the entirety of last week. Attempting to get myself to all the interviews I had been required to show my face at as final decisions were being made and returning home at the end of the day too exhausted to do anything but crash.

 Honestly, I was happy the whole process was said and done with. Simply because the waiting around and wondering if I had talked to much or too little had niggled at me in a bad way and had left me uneasy. Putting myself out in the public eye wasn’t what I was known for anyway, so the whole process had been grueling in its evaluative tendencies.

Distantly, I heard a door close down the hall and sighed. Looked like Vince was up and looked like the party was over because knowing him, he would most certainly have something to say about my having read through the night. But what can I say? When the cat’s away, the mice will play.

            “Have you been on that couch since the last time I saw you?” Vince called out, striding into the space that was more similar to a closet than a living room, and getting right down to business. He wore only his flannel pajama bottoms and was pulling a white T-shirt over his head, giving me a clear view of his sculpted chest and lean waist as he shook his gorgeous head at me in disappointment. And yes, I said gorgeous, if anyone ever had to wonder, my Vince was quite the looker.

So fine actually, with his muscular physique, curling brown locks and mesmerizing, forest green eyes, I expected him to be on bill boards in Time Square one day soon. He already accepted the occasional modeling job here and there, causing his name to be spread further in fashion circles and more calls to come in. Vincent Elijah Monroe was becoming a household name with wild fire quickness and was already in high demand.

 “I think it’s about time we got you out of the apartment. You haven’t moved from that spot since I left you there last night.” He came to stand in front of my perch on the couch arms crossed over his broad chest.

            I smothered a yawn, not wanting to further incriminate myself. “Oh, don’t you worry about me.” I said, turning the page. Delicious heat slowly unfurling as my eyes skimmed over what the protagonist and her lover were proceeding to do at present. Scandalous, was the only word for it. “I’m quite fine where I am, thanks.” Before I knew it, my book was snatched from my fingers and held behind Vince’s back.

            “Hey!” I cried, jumping up and reaching behind him in an effort to take back what had been so heartlessly stolen. This was my free time, and I would do what I wanted with it. “It was just about to get good. Give it back!”

            “Nope,” Vince said, “You need to get some food into you first, and then I’ll think about it … maybe.” He said, starting for the kitchen.

            “Vince …” I pleaded, eyes going round and beseeching as I trudged after him and then watched him begin to move around, dwarfing the small space with his size while gathering ingredients, my book still in his possession. I sat on a bar stool with a huff, “Can I please have my book back, I can eat while I read and –”

 “No. There are thousands of other things you can do with your time that don’t involve wasting your life away with your nose in a book.” He looked over one broad shoulder at me, eyes narrowed. I narrowed my eyes right back. I was not a big fan of big brotherly Vince.

“I’m hardly wasting my life away.” I muttered, I had just gotten a job or did he not remember that little tidbit? I dropped my chin into my palm impetuously as Vince began cooking … looked like omelets and bacon were on the menu today.

Vince sighed as he stared down at the skillet, “Babe, you’re a beautiful, capable, success bound woman. There’s no reason on this Earth why you should have to hide yourself behind these books all day.” He said, dropping the one in question on the counter and warning me off with a beautiful green eyed scowl when I made as to grab for it. I sat back with a sigh of my own.

Though I hadn’t been conscious of it before then, his words struck a chord of truth inside. Is that really what I was doing? When I thought about it, I did prefer books over people, besides Vince of course. People were complicated and complex. Too many walls and pretenses around all of them and myself when thrown in the mix and too much effort had to be put in to fit in.

 “You read into things too much.” I said, gazing out the small window and to the view of a small park not far from our building. Just because I knew it was true didn’t mean I had to admit to it.

“No,” he said, tapping my nose before setting my yummy looking plate and a glass of orange juice on the table in front of me and taking a seat across from me with his own plate. “I just know you too well.”

I looked at him closely then, affection for my best friend and one of the most important people in my life, warming my ire toward him in that moment. “While that may be true, it still doesn’t mean that you’re required or even permitted to withhold my books or anything else from me, even if you think it’s for my own good.”

“Baby girl,” he said, the sly grin that was slowly stretching its way across his face the cause of many female and male heartbreaks. “You have to know by now, that when it comes to me, the rules don’t apply.”

The End

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