The Secret

Just a series of excerpts that will hopefully someday become a story.

            Knowledge is a curse. At one time, it was valued, a potent sign of intelligence, a long road of numerous successes ahead. In the course of recent events, it has become a burden. Everything is changing in ways that can’t really be explained. The people are scared, they’re questioning things that didn’t used to be questioned. An ever-present sense of dread hangs tangibly in the air, evoking worry everywhere, even in the ignorant minds of carefree children. The world is crumbling beneath us, and we stand frozen, powerless to stop it. The people, in the midst of their fear, are searching, both for answers and and for someone or something to blame. They fall short of their ambitions, their wide, frantic eyes sweeping directly over who is at fault. They are clueless, confused, lost….

            I’m not.

            I know everything. I know they’re out there, existing in secret, plotting…acting. I know about the people we once trusted to lead us, the ugly truth, the secrets they kept from us, and why they’ve done so. My knowledge is dangerous, and must be kept secret, but I feel the overwhelming urge to inform the terrorized citizens, but I can’t, for who knows what will happen if it gets into the wrong hands? I can’t take that chance, and as a result, I am entirely alone. I’ve been on my own for a while and don’t trust anyone. I’ve had to learn to survive, to exist only in the shadows.

            My name is Jules, and I have a secret.

The End

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