It continued through out the week.  Every morning, Tamzin arrived and switched on her computer.  She then went and made a cup of raspberry and vanilla tea.  And when she returned to her cubicle there would always be a message from Rochester.1.  Tamzin had gone through a range of different feelings through out the week.  First she was annoyed.  She thought that it was someone playing cruel trick on her her.  That had then changed to intrigued.  Who was Rochester.1?  She had called up the staff spreadsheet and looked for the name Rochester and had found no one.  She had then looked at where people lived.  No one seemed to live in Rochester.  So who was this mysterious person?

This morning, the message read 'How many secrets do you have hidden in the attic Tamzin?'   Secrets in the attic?  There were no secrets in her life other than her prolonged virginity.  Then the penny dropped.  Tamzin's hand trembled above the keyboard before she began to write write 'I have nothing to hide in the attic.  Not even a mad wife."   She waited for a response.  

"I got rid of my mad wife.  She set fire to the place  :)"  came the reply.

Jane Eyre.  One of Tamzin's favourite books.  

"I have left you a gift.  At the bookshop."

The End

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