Tamlin, Guardian of the Fairy Wine

        Tamlin, Guardian of the Fairy Wine                                                 

                                          (A Short Story: Part One)

Tamlin was not a shape shifter, even though he could shape shift. He was an elf but not an elf, a fairy but not a fairy. In fact no one knew exactly what Tamlin was but they knew he belonged to the Queen of the Fairies, Queen Mablana. He had once been a man, a handsome young man and a None Magical Being in the Magical world of Daclry. He had been visiting with a friend who he had grown up with in his younger years, who was of course a wizard. Riding through the forest of Elgin one evening he fell from his horse and destroyed a bed of bluebells.

Queen Mablana appeared before him in a furious rage; as it is, the fairies do not mind if you were to pick any herb or flower in the whole of the forest, except for the bluebells as they are the wine of the fairies; but she was taken by the young man before her in all his youth and beauty and so she told him that he belonged to her as punishment for his crime (even though she knew he had not deliberately meant to destroy the bluebells) and so it was, he was shrunk in size, a pair of soft silver wings grew from his back, his blue eyes became almost electric and his blonde hair became lighter. From then on he had two goals in life; first, to protect the forest and to take payment from the person (either in the shape of a small silver coin or to take the virginity of the young maiden) who did not listen to the warning “Do not pick the Bluebells”.

A strange thing happened then, the first encounter with the maiden who had not one silver coin to pay off the Guardian of the Fairy Wine...

The End

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