Chapter TwoMature

Chapter Two

When morning came around Ana decided it wouldn't hurt to throw a stake in her shoulder bag. After last night's run in she was going with overcautious. She didn't bother grabbing her jacket. She was going to be home well-before dark. And during the Texas summer, she hardly needed to worry about a cold wind when walking to work. She stopped by Common Grounds, after the restless night she'd had she needed a decent cup of caramel coffee. She waited in line, pulling out her phone to check if her friends had messaged her. She had one panicked text from Jenny this morning. She'd obviously sobered and realised what Ana had done. Ana quickly replied to say she was fine. Then her phone vibrated in her hand and she looked at a new text. This was from a number her phone didn't recognise. She clicked read with a mix of curiosity and apprehension. It was just one word. No indication of who could've sent it to her.


A small part of her wondered, but didn't dare to think it was him. If there was one thing about Jason that hadn't changed through the year. It was that he never apologised. At least not over what happened last night. She imagined in the scheme of things, she was probably just a blip. A trivial occurrence.
“Order?” She glanced up at the girl behind the counter, she looked worn out already. Guess the morning rush wasn't easy.
“Coffee with a shot of caramel, please,” Ana asked. The girl nodded and wrote her name on a cup. Ana took a seat near the front window, enjoying the sunlight. She glanced around her, seeing the oblivious students from the university. They were the only ones in the dark when it came to the vampires. That and any out of town visitors like truckers. Less of those have gone missing now since the founder changed the laws. Any human who kills a vampire is killed. That was always there. But now if a vampire kills a human, they'll face the same punishment. Though Ana knew they had yet to see the theory in reality. They hadn't been any recent disappearances, but who knew to what extent the vampires would go to cover things up?

Her name was called and she went to grab it, then noticed who it was working furiously behind the big machine.
“Long time no see, how have things been?” Ana asked. She turned her heavily mascaraed eyes on me and blinked in confusion before recognition sunk in.
“Analise! God I haven't seen you in ages. How are thing? Oh, wait, you asked me that first. Ermm....I guess what you'd expect, considering things,” Eve rambled, then her voice sobered up for the last sentence. Ana nodded in silent understanding. Even with the tensions between humans and vampires going down, both sides were giving Eve and Michael trouble.
“What about you?” Eve asked, brightening back to her overcaffeinated self instantly. Ana shrugged, wondering if she should tell her about Jason. Then again she probably had enough stress without hearing worrying stories about her crazy brother.
“The usual,” She said and Eve rolled her eyes.

“Oh, to have a normal and broing life,” she murmured. Ana laughed and glanced at her clock and almost chocked on a hot gulp of caffeine goodness.
“I should get going,” She said, starting to leave the counter.
“Wait, you busy tonight? Michael has a gig tonight, you should come along,” Eve said. Ana suppressed the urge to roll her eyes. Though She had seen Michael play before, couldn't deny he was good. But it would be after dark and She didn't feel especially comfy with it after last night.
“Any chance of a lift guarantee?” She asked, she didn't want to seem rude with an outright no.
“You'll have to stay till the end, but sure,” Eve replied with a grin. Well, damn she thought. She hadn't counted on her saying yes. Though Jenny is always nagging her to be more outgoing.

“Okay, see you then,” Ana yelled, because she was jogging to the door. She was ten minutes late in the end but since there no activity in the shop, her boss didn't really care. She started by restocking the shelves before taking over the till. It was only her and another girl who worked here including the boss. Kelly was okay, if a little too bubbly and talkative for her liking, especially towards the afternoon when a headache set in. She glanced at her phone, wondering if she should cancel tonight's plans, but Eve looked so happy about Ana agreeing. To be honest she only knew Eve because...well, everyone knew the only goth in town. And because she was Jason's younger sister. She couldn't understand how she remembered her though. Maybe she didn't very well, but with the prejudice about her and Michael getting married she was glad for a someone being friendly. Michael was the first turned vampire in a long time, until the Draug were defeated. Then the vampires decided to replenish their numbers a little. And Jason was always vying for a chance to join the fanged side.

She watched the clock and the moment it hit four-thirty she grabbed her bag and waved goodbye to her boss. He was too startled by her cheerful behaviour to object. She knew that should bother her but she'd always been a quiet and thoughtful person, apparently this got mistaken for moody and miserable by a lot of people. When she reached common grounds there were already a few people seated, though no where near as many as before when Michael and Eve were just a couple. Eve waved her franticly to where she was perched behind the counter.
“Glad you showed,” Eve said with a grin when Ana leaned against the counter, glancing at the empty stage. She turned back to Eve and say Michael emerging from a small office. Not many girls were immune to Michael's good looks, including Ana who fought a blush and moved her gaze elsewhere. She watched from the corner of her eye as he and Eve shared a short, but definitely heated kiss before Michael headed to the stage. Ana grabbed a table seat and Eve took the one next to her, watching her husband with a proud smile.

Ana hadn't heard him play in a while but his magic with guitar rifts alongside his soft, melodic voice made her remember why she had been stunned back then. The time passed too quickly and people began leaving. Many girls stopping to gush at Michael, fighting schoolgirl-like giggles. They quickly left when they saw Eve approaching though, some with jealous looks.
“Hey, Ana right?” Michael asked. Ana tried not to stutter as she realised he knew her name. Though Eve had probably told him before-hand. You'd think being able to remember a guy when he was younger and dorkier than you would help, but apparently it wasn't helping Ana out much.
“Yeah, you were really good tonight,” Ana said, happy that she didn't slip over her words. It wasn't as if she had any interest in being with Michael. Anyone with a good set of eyes could see how clearly he adores Eve and Eve alone by the way he stared at her.
“Come on, let's give you that lift home,” Eve said, pulling her eyes from Michaels with some effort. It struck Ana how similar in shade Eve's were to Jason's. Though why on earth she was thinking about his eyes at a time like this, she didn't know.

“Wait,” Michael said, holding out a hand to stop her and Eve fully leaving the doorway of the common grounds. As long as they were inside, they were technically safe. But the few metres to the car door could involve anything. Ana wondered if Michael was always this tense when they moved about, probably with the attacks. One was so bad Eve ended up in hospital, and that was by humans.
Michael turned his head, facing his left and Ana could see a little red glowing in his eyes. She reminded herself Michael was good guy and that she should be more worried about whatever was outside. After a few second that felt like minutes Michaels nodded. Eve grabbed Ana's hand and dragged her across the pavement and towards the car.
Unfortunately they didn't make it to the car.

Ana's hand was grasped in Eve's sweaty when and then suddenly it was gone. She searched the darkness, her pulse jumping. She glanced towards the common grounds, which gave a little light but didn't see Michael. But she did see Oliver watching from inside. She had three choices, get in the car and hope Michael and Eve turned up. Or go out and search for them, attempt to help them with her less-than-practised fighting skills. The third was the cowardly one. Run back inside to neutral ground. But she wasn't sure she trusted Oliver, she doubted someone who had been a general centuries ago would be a fan of cowards. She heard the sounds of fighting nearby and took a step towards it, then an arm yanked her back.

The End

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