Taming the BeastMature

I have got a serious obsession with the Morganville series by Rachel Caine. I finished book 13 and decided there and then I had to write a fanfiction about Jason. Cause I didn't want him to remain evil in my head xD

Chapter One

Analise walked fast, swearing under her breath as she shivered against the cold. She pulled her parenthetically thin jean jacket tighter round her form. Giving paranoid glances to the empty and very much dark streets around her. Her workmates were supposed to give her a lift home after the party but they'd opted to get too drunk. And Ana didn't technically have a drivers licence yet. She could only hope the vampires of Morganville would go for the easier, drunker pickings than the lone girl. She saw the sign for her street and felt her shoulders untense slightly. Not long now, she just had to tell her legs not to run the last mile like they were itching to do. Because if being alone and afraid in the dark didn't draw vampric attention, running like pray would.

She approached the glow of a lamp and let out a breath, she was close to her front door now. Very few of the street lamps in Morganville worked. Something everyone knew the vamps did. But since they were so far spaced, they made good markers for one's progress through the dry and cracked streets of Morganville. The relief was short-lived though as she heard something move outside the safety of the light. Her eyes darted towards the darkness that engulfed the brittle tufts of grass that grew between houses and in the small gardens. She didn't live in a terribly run down part of Morganville. Not that that sort of thing mattered to a hunting vampire.

When she didn't hear anything she gulped and took a step forward. She needed to stop letting her paranoia go out of control. Panicking over what must've been some small critter. She watched her feet as she walked, playing an old child's game of walking within the side walks cracks. Then she stopped, because she'd stepped into someone’s shadow. She felt her pulse jump the moment she realised who it was. Any vampire was better than him.
“Jason...” she trailed off uncertainly. Because she couldn't really make out his expression in the dark. She resisted the urge to take a step back, horribly aware that a few more steps in front and to her right would take her to her home. To safety where a barrier would stop him from getting her. She had no doubts it was his intention. Jason Rosser didn't turn up for a hello, he was one of the more twisted ones. Involved in suspicious murders before, when he was still human.

“It's not safe out here in the dark,” he finally said, his voice deep with a husky edge. If she didn't know it was hunger, she'd think he was hitting on her. She could see the glint of a fang as he gave her a one-sided grin. It sent chills down her spine and made the hairs on the back of her neck stand up.
“The founder made it against the law,” Ana finally stumbled out. She didn't doubt Jason would be dealt with if he did kill her. She did doubt whether it was enough of a deterrent for him at this moment in time. The dark chuckle was enough of an answer. She already a hand in her back pocket and closed her hand round the handle of the thing silver knife. It went against all her instincts to step closer. She drew her hand across his chest and heard him hiss as the silver left burn marks that spread a little. She plunged the knife deep into his shoulder and ran. She knew the knife wouldn't hold him for long. She fumbled lamely with her keys, cursing as she did. She didn't have enough time. Someone grabbed her key chain from her hand an threw it somewhere into the darkness.

She turned and saw Jason again. Under the porch light she could see his dark hair, framing his thin face and cruel smile. His eyes cold, already a bloody red hue.
“I know how to cover murders,” Jason said, stabbing the silver knife into the wood of her door, close enough that he caught her cheek as he did. She saw his nostrils flare as blood escaped the wound. Ana made her body stop shaking and met his eyes. He was too young in vampire terms to be able to pull any mind tricks, she hoped.
“Human murders maybe. But you think people won't notice the drained of blood part?” Ana asked, surprising herself with the power in her voice as she spoke. His eyes narrowed, but that smile, that cruel, horrible smile didn't falter. She really wanted to slap it from his face. But if she wasn't already at deaths door, she had a feeling that might do the trick.
“I don't really care, I'm just hungry. And you're the idiot being outside at night,” Jason replied. His face getting closer to hers, despite her best efforts to disappear through her front door.

“Go to the hospital if you want blood,” Ana retorted, hunching her shoulders in an attempt to make access to her neck harder. He snorted at the action and shook his head.
“That stuff never tastes as good. Never as fresh,” he muttered. She had to stop herself from throwing up. She could feel her phone in her front pocket but didn't know who to call. Who was there who could help her? Her vampire protector? No, that was pretty pointless. Her protector had never done anything for her. All she had done was send Ana blood donation reminders.
“You used to be the one stuck at the bottom. You'd think you'd use your higher status to help us. Not become exactly like them,” Ana said, knowing it was a pointless case. Jason had stopped caring about the human half of Morganville a long time ago. Jason's smile changed, becoming thinner.

“It was humans who kicked me so far down. Why should I do anything for them?” Jason said with a laugh. It sounded forced and harsh, ringing in her ears.
“Not all humans-”
“No, the rest were just bystanders, seeing no evil, hearing no evil. That shit,” Jason interrupted, his right hand descending next to her face on the door suddenly and curling into a fist. Ana gulped, though her throat was too dry and chalky. She bowed her head a little and then lifted it to face him. She should've been dead by now, so she had to be doing something right. She licked her lips, considering if she wanted to make this personal.
“I didn't care when the bullies picked on you. I would still sit next to you in school. Not caring if they turned their attentions on me too,” Ana said. The memories felt so old that she had to rack her brains for them. Back when Jason was just a silent guy. He came in with bruises and she didn't doubt they're cause. But she never had the guts to outright ask. Jason rolled his eyes.

“That's the worst defence I've heard,” he muttered. This time Ana crossed her arms and glared at him.
“It's still the truth. I wasn't a bystander. I just didn't know how to go about asking you anything. Or maybe you didn't notice how completely cut-off from the real world you were?!” She tensed the instant the last words left her mouth. She'd just raised her voice at the most unstable vampire in Morganville. But rather than snarling, he blinked at her a few times. He eyes fading from red to a sombre blue. Ana released a breath she'd been holding and looked around uncertainly. She couldn't figure out what was going through his head.
“You're too annoying,” Jason finally said with an exhausted sigh. Then in an eye blink he was gone from her immediate vision. She took a step and hesitated. Was this a trick? Some kind of sick game he was playing? Waiting until she was out in the dark and looking for her keys? She couldn't put it past him to do something like that. She stepped down her steps and examined the empty streets. Then something dropped directly in front of her with a metallic clang. She glanced up but the shadow moved too fast for her to identify. Jason Rosser had just let her go. And to top it off he'd found her keys?

Did something she say get to him? Or was he just having an odd day. Or she a lucky one? She shook her head, choosing not to question it. She locked her door the moment she was in and collapsed on her sofa, staring at the faded wallpaper as her thoughts continued to roll in turmoil. It'd been a long time since she'd thought about school. Back then she'd thought Jason was cute in an offhand way. She sat near him and watched him from a distance in the playground in hopes he'd notice her. But he was always too wrapped up in his own world. She sat up and sighed loudly. There was no point in thinking about the past. Even if part of her wondered what would've happened to him if she had pressed him for the truth. If she had built up the courage to speak to him first, rather than waiting indefinitely for him to say more than a passing “hi”.

The End

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