Taming of the Rebel

15 year-old Rhonda Thornberry has some serious issues. Her parents argued over how she should be delt with, but when her Father couldn't take it anymore, he left. Her problem? Extreme Rebelliousness: Everything her Mother says is wrong, she has been expelled from two High Schools already and is close to being expelled again. What she really needs is someone who understands her, to be with her, to appreciate her... to Love Her....

Based on Shakespears "Taming of the Shrew"

“Hey, Rhonda!” a group of boys jeered, “Wanna’ kick my ass?” one of them sniggered.

Rhonda held up a tightly clenched fist, her studded wrist band glittering in the morning sun. “Shut-up, Chucky!” Her lip piercing quivered. The boys suddenly stopped smiling and turned back to the coke vending machine.

It was half past eight in the morning at Avon-Leigh High School, and everyone was gathering with their friends; that’s everyone but Rhonda, the school Rebel. She had at least punched every so-called ‘bully’ in the school, not to mention the other innocent students who had ‘got on her nerves’. Her darkly applied eye make-up and studded gothic boots, not to mention her short, spiky purple-black hair, all added to the desired “Don’t get in My way” effect. She had nine ear piercings, including an industrial bar, a lip piercing, and a tattoo up her arm. She never caught a tan, not even on the hottest day, and if you stood too close to her you could feel a sudden chill run up your spine. She was a girl only her mother could like; that’s LIKE not LOVE. Her Father hated her, and so did her younger sister Bella. No-one in the school even had the slightest idea they were sisters, even the school principle thought they just HAPPENED to share sir-names.

The school bell rang and everyone began rushing to attend their classes. Rhonda picked up her badge covered back-pack and stomped her heavy boots towards algebra.

She sat down with a huff, and pulled the large zip on her bag open. She dragged out her books dramatically, slamming them down on her desk and all the while staring her teacher, Miss Scarlett, in the eyes.

"Good morning class!" Miss Scarlett said airily, brushing the front of her dress. "Today we're going to start with... prime numbers and... light-I mean...!" she stuttered. Rhonda snickered. In her hand she held a make-up mirror, and with it she was reflecting the sunlight into Miss Scarletts face. The other students giggled at this classical joke.  "Rhonda!" Miss Scarlett said brisquely, "Principals office, NOW!!! And I hope this is the last time I see you in this class, ever!"

The End

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