It was my parents. My parents were at the door. I made a noise, somewhere inbetween a sob and a groan. They stood there, stone-faced, until I stepped aside to let them in. I hadn’t put up a fight, I hadn’t had it in me.

“Morning, Donny.” Greeted my father, almost happily it seemed. This set me off.

“My wife just died! You think you have the right to come round here, after all you’ve done and said, you think it’s okay to come over the day after my wife dies? After the only good thing in my life is gone forever? That’s the time you choose to visit? I think you two should get out my house right now.” My voice started off as a shout, but became a low growl. My eyes narrowed as my parents stood there, shocked. It was obvious they weren’t going to say anything, so I continued.

“And now, you aren’t even going to apologize, are you? I would expect nothing more, nothing less than you two monsters. You know all those years I put up with those endless beatings and those hurtful words, and you never once said “sorry” for it. She gave me the strength to stand up to you, so I know you didn’t like her, but she was my world, and now I have nothing to live for so do what I say, and get out.”

I wasn’t going to cry in front of my mother and father... that had happened too many times. Also I felt like I couldn’t cry, my eyes were dry and I was all cried out.

“Donny, please, listen.” My mother pleaded, but I cut her off.

“Listen? No! Mother, I had listened to you for god knows how many years before I knew her. I have listened to your crap enough. You listen to me, and get out.” It felt as though I was saying that a lot, but they weren’t listening. Suddenly, I realised I hadn’t said her name, perhaps I had been doing it subconsciously, maybe if I did say it, it would break me down again.

“Do not talk to your mother like that.” Father hissed, he held his hands in fists at his sides, I knew he wanted to hit me. I moved my eyes from his face to his fists and back again.

“I’m not saying another word to you. Either of you. Just leave, please.” My voice was quiet now. My mother put a hand to her heart and her dark eyes had tears in them. I shook my head; how great an actress she was.

They left, my father giving me a glowering look before striding past me and out. I slammed the door as soon as they were out my house. I fell back against the door and slid downwards until I was sitting on the floor, hugging my knees. That was when the tears came again.

The End

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