Alone. So alone.Mature

When I woke again I was next to an empty bed. They had taken her away. They had taken Eilidh, my Eilidh away... I sobbed uncontrollably. After a while I got up and left. I trudged home slowly, sniffing and sniveling.

When I reached the house a wave of her scent hit me, and a fresh load of tears brimmed. I lay on the bed and wept for hours and hours. When I had no more tears left to shed, I just lay there in a fetal position. An empty shell. My life meaningless without the woman I loved. Slowly I drifted into a fitful sleep.

In my dreams, it was all just a trick. The silent, cold Eilidh on the bed sat up, laughing and smiling, saying: "Oh your face Donny! Priceless!" But the voice was not her own. It was like someone else, imitating her to mock me.

I woke crying. Oh what was I going to do? My life was so empty without her..


I jumped violently at the sound of the doorbell. Who could that be? Maybe I did still have people to love, people to care about...

The End

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