I shout as I step out the shower, almost falling. The plastic bags around my bandaged areas make it slippery and difficult to wash.

“Donny? Are you alright, darling?” Eilidh knocks on the bathroom door.

“Yes, I’m fine. And yes I’m sure.” I shout back knowing what she would’ve said next.

“Okay.” She sounds uncertain but I hear her soft footsteps move about the bedroom and then I hear her going downstairs as the phone rings.

“There we go.” I mutter to myself, wrapping a towel around my waist and using crutches to help me.

Had I seen what Eilidh was doing downstairs, I wouldn’t have stayed so long drying myself and making sure my hair was dry.

Eilidh began to get breathless as she talked to her aunt over the phone. She made up an excuse to leave and hung up. Her breathing got faster and shorter and she felt the need to sit down. She stumbled towards the couch and slumped onto it.

She patted her chest and did the breathing exercises the doctors had told her to do if she ever felt this way after having cancer.

“It’s gone. I don’t have cancer.” She began whispering to herself as she patted her chest hard where her heart was.

Her breathing continued to get quicker. She knew this was wrong. The doctors had said her breathing could do this, but they said it would stop after a few moments.

“Phone.” She said to herself and stood up slowly and stumbled to the phone to call an ambulance. She felt as if she were about to faint. She couldn’t alert Donny, he would probably hurt himself trying to help her.

Her trembling hands held the phone to her head.

“Which service do you require?” A calm female voice said.

“Ambulance.” Eilidh puffed.

“Please state your emergency.” Her voice didn’t change tone.

“I think... I think I’m going to faint. I had can...” It was at this point when Eilidh collapsed on the hard wooden floor.

The ambulance was on its way already and Donny rushed down the stairs to see her.

The End

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