Pain. Endless Pain.Mature

My head. Ahhgh, my head.. There is a stabbing pain that won't go away. When I open my eyes the world is hazy, the edges tinted red from the horrible pain. 

"AHHHRGH!" The noise scares me. Was that really me? What happened? I don't remember a thing after I left the house.. Eilidh. She must be so worried.. I need... I need to get up. I need to find her, tell her everything will be OK... I grit my teeth and open my eyes. The redness has faded, but the pain is still there. I try to get up, but as I try, more pain is highlighted in my right arm, my chest and my right leg. Searing, horrible pain. 

Then Eilidh is standing over me, saying something that I cannot hear over the pounding of my heart, and the deafening boom of the pain, like a drummer beating on my head. 

"Donny? Donny? Donny, its me! Eilidh! Oh Donny..." After a few minutes, I can hear again, and Eilidh's panicked voice is the first thing I hear. 

"E...Eilidh.." I murmur. 

"Donny!" She cries, tears welling in her eyes. "Why Donny? Why did you do this?" 

"Wha..? I did this? I don't remember.. Everything's... hazy.." I say. I try to speak quickly, but my lips just won't move fast enough, and I have to take deep breaths between each sentence. 

"Donny, you were hit by a car! The driver said you didn't even look before you walked into the road in a red light!" She says urgently, her eyes silently begging me to remember. 

"I...I was?" I manage, trying to ignore the pounding head pains. 

"Yes." She says, clearly getting a little irritated. 

"Now, Mrs. Stanbridge, don't get annoyed. Your husband has suffered a horrible knock to the head, I wouldn't be surprised if his memory is a little hazy." A pretty, mixed-race doctor walks in and fixes Eilidh with a slightly disapproving stare. "I'm afraid visiting time ended twenty minutes ago, Mrs. Stanbridge. You'll have to leave." 

"What? My husband only just came to! I need to talk to him!" Eilidh protests angrily. I open my mouth to back her up, but find I have no energy for arguments. 

"You may come back tomorrow, Mrs. Stanbridge, and speak to your husband then. He needs his rest if he is to leave by Friday." The Doctor continues firmly. 

"Okay.. I suppose two days isn't too long. I'll have him home in no time.." She says, more to herself than anyone else. "Bye, Donny. I love you. Forever." She blows me a kiss from the doorway, then walks out. I close my eyes and listen to the clack of her high heels on the polished floors of the Hospital. 

"Now, er, Donny, is it?" The Doctor asked, blushing slightly. I nod. 

"Yes.. Dr..." I squint at her name badge. "Adeyenka." She smiles. 

"Call me Camille." She smiles, "Everyone does. Now, Donny, as I said, you should be able to leave by Friday, as long as all your minor cuts and scrapes are healed. Then you'll have to come back in a few weeks for a re-evaluation of your breaks. Did you know your right leg is broken in two places, and your arm in three?" I stare at her. That is why it hurts so much to move.. "Yes, you have been in the wars."

"H.. how?" I almost sigh. 

"You were in a major car accident. You.. didn't look, and a car smashed into your right side and sent you flying. The driver was speeding, and the impact almost shattered your bones.. You cracked your head open on the hard concrete of the pavement, and the minor scrapes were from your lovely skid across the tarmac." She looks at me with more than a little worry in her eyes. "Marriage issues? Its OK, you can tell me if you were faking it earlier. I understand if you didn't want her to know. She seemed a little... Pushy." 

"Wh-What?! I wasn't faking it! Why would I do that! I love Eilidh, I didn't do this on purpose! She ISN'T pushy!" I finally find my voice and burst out. I calm a little on seeing her taken aback expression. "Okay, maybe we do have a few issues.. But I didn't purposefully not look! I was just.. Preoccupied." I sigh. She echoes my sigh, and sits in the chair beside my bed.

"I know about marriage issues. I got a divorce three months back. And the worst thing is, he works here, so I have to see him everyday..." She looks at the floor, and her hair, tied into a loose ponytail, flops over her shoulder. "Anyway, enough about me. Lets check you out." She smiles brightly and jumps to her feet. 

I lie back and let the blackness consume me, feeling nothing except her cool hands on my burning skin... 


The End

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