The nurse finally calls me two hours later, and I rush to the hospital. She gives me directions to Donny's room and I practically sprint through the corridors, getting hopelessly lost, and finally finding his room after fifteen minutes of aimless wandering. 

Fresh tears start to fall when I see him lying in the bed. He is swathed in strips and strips of bandage, nearly all of them with growing red rosettes patterning their surface. His right leg is in a cast, and so is his right arm. I pull back the blankets gently, and see that his chest, too, is bandaged tightly, and on the bandage that adorns his left leg, there is a long, thin line of blood like a cut.

A nurse bustles in. 

"Who are you?" She asks nosily. 

"I'm his wife." I say, my voice clipped and irritable. 

"Oh. Well I'm here to change Mr. Stanbridge's bandages. What is his first name, Mrs. Stanbridge?" 

"Donny. I'm Eilidh." I say slowly, staring at Donny's unconscious face. 

"Do you want to leave the room while I do this? It could get rather... gory.." She asks, somewhat more gently. 

"No. I want to stay." I say firmly. I need to see what Donny did to himself, all because of me. 

"As you wish." She says, a bemused look on her face. Slowly, she begins to unwrap the bandages on his left leg, and a long, stitched-up cut begins to appear. With a shudder, I count eighteen stitches. The nurse quickly disposes of the bloody cloth, and wraps clean strips around him carefully. Next is his chest. It is covered in small cuts, scrapes and bruises. I swallow, and watch as she gently smooths the new layer of bandage. Next, his head. As she unravels it, I realize they have shaved off all of Donny's gorgeous, thick hair, leaving him a skin-head, with a long line of stitches, slightly of center, running from about 2 inches above his hair line to the top of his neck. It is too much for me, and I rush out, sobbing. 

What has he done? 

The End

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