Donny's been gone for over an hour now.  I decide that it's time to call the police to make sure he hasn't done anything stupid.

"Yes?" answers a voice on the other end.

"Has anyone recently checked into a hospital?"

"Well, yeah.  Let's see . . . " mutters the woman.  "Aha!  Here we are.  We had a woman having a baby . . . and some man who got hit by a car."

"Hit by a car?!?"  I shout at her.

"Yeah," she says.  "He was seen walking into a store with no shoes on, and a witness said he walked outside and some crazy driver ran a red light and hit him.  When they pulled him into the ambulance he kept muttering 'Elidh, Elidh . . . ' "

"I'm Elidh!"  I scream!  I hang up the phone without saying goodbye and run outside to get to the hospital as fast as I can.

The End

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