Together Again.Mature

It is two weeks before I am allowed out of the hospital. But when I am, it is a joyous day. Eilidh and I are laughing and skipping, playing like children as we walk home. I ask Eilidh what she will do with the new apartment she has bought, and after a moment of awkward silence she replies that she will sell it. 

"Good." I reply. We are turning down our road, hand in hand, and a few of the neighbours who are out clearing their drives of the fresh layer of snow that has fallen outside look on in surprise. I guess most of them thought that Eilidh and I had split up.. Most of them are middle-aged men and women with teen-aged children and cats, so I tend to avoid talking to them, but Eilidh chatted to them regularly while she lived here before, and they definitely noted her absence. I unlock the door of the house, forgetting what a shit-hole it is. But Eilidh's eyes barely graze the piles of dirty clothes, the stacks of mouldering dishes, the stains on the floor. As soon as the door is shut behind us she practically leaps on me, kissing me and tugging at my t-shirt. 

Obligingly I pull it off, and she runs a hand over my muscled chest. I tug off her t-shirt, and do likewise, running my hands over her breasts, her flat stomach. She kisses me harder, and her hand slips down to the button of my jeans. I let her un-button it, and step out of my jeans before picking her up and carrying her to the bedroom. Once inside, she pulls off my pants and begins to pleasure me, removing her hand just as I begin to come. Then she pulls of her own jeans and pants, and we interlock, fitting perfectly together, just like it used to be, like she never left... 

The End

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