The nurse had been trying to get me to lie down. I ignored her completely, in my eyes, it was just me and Eilidh in the white room.

“Oh, Donny. I’m so so sorry.” Eilidh sniffed.

“Its not your fault. Don’t ever blame yourself.” I said, looking her in the eyes. She nodded even though she still believed she was the cause.

I hugged her; she seemed not to notice me saying those three words a moment ago.

“I love you.” I whispered it again into her ear. She broke off from my embrace.

“I’m sorry, Donny. I can’t do this now.” She turned away. I looked at her shoes, she was wearing the ones I had got her on our honeymoon in Las Vegas. They were sneakers. Not special, but at the time I thought they were cute. I smiled to myself seeing she still liked them.

I collapsed back down onto the bed, a wave of tiredness and heat came over me. Eilidh turned around, hearing the thump.

“Donny!” She rushed to help me.

“I tried to warn you.” The nurse said, “I said you’d better sit down. Don’t worry, he’s just a little tired.”

Eilidh’s face suddenly calmed down and she helped me get back into the clean bed.

My breathing became fast and the nurse called for a doctor.

“I told you.” The nurse tutted as the doctor looked at my charts hanging off the bed.

“Mr Stanbridge, eh? Why did you call me in here, Nurse?” The doctor sighed, obviously fed up.

“I think you should take a look at him. It seems the drugs aren’t working properly: I just checked his blood pressure and heart rate. They were meant to be lower but it doesn’t seem to be doing anything.” She whispered too loudly.

“What do you mean “they aren’t working”?” Eilidh interrupted.

“And how did you manage to take my blood pressure and heart rate?” I breathed, my chest rising and falling fast.

“While you were hugging for the pressure, and remember you are hooked up to that machine.” The small nurse pointed to the beeping machine that beeped whenever my heard beat while the doctor looked me over.

“I agree, Nurse. Something’s not right. Let’s get him in for tests, right away.” The doctors eyes had gotten wide and I could feel my heard beating even faster.

“Don’t leave me.” I said quietly to Eilidh. She took my hand.


The End

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