When I awoke I was surrounded by white. White walls, white bedspread, Eilidh's white face, and her hand clutching mine with such intensity that it almost hurt. I tried to squeeze back, but as hard as I tried, I could hardly move my fingers, nor my arms, legs or even my head. But I could move my eyes, and my gaze quickly found Eilidh's. 

"E...Eilidh.." My voice was slurred and sloppy, I sounded like a drunk, but she didn't seem to care. Her eyes were alert again, and they filled with tears.

"Oh Donny.. I'm so sorry.." She sobbed, a tear slipping down her cheek. 

"No." I managed, frustrated that I couldn't get up, put my arms around her, comfort her properly. 

"No?" She mimicked, wiping her eyes. 

"No.. S'not yoo fawlt.." I growled irritably. I hated this! Why couldn't I speak? Why couldn't I move? "Wh.. why cnt i spee?" 

"Why can't you speak?" She deciphered, staring at me with pain in her eyes. I nodded vigorously. "You were.. in a bad way, you were like... starving, and you had hypothermia- I mean, what were you doing going out of the house in boxers and a dressing gown when there is three inches of snow?- So the doctors gave you a bunch of drugs to help you sleep. Its been almost a whole day since.. since you.. c-c-collapsed." She began to sob again, and again I wished I could wipe away her tears. "The doctors said the drugs would limit your movement and speech, its all normal, don't worry." 

"K.." I mutter, annoyed. "Don' cry Eilih.." 

"I'm sorry, Donny.. I can't help it.. All this is my fault." She murmured, more tears flowing.

"NO." I yell, making a nurse rush into the room. "NO. THIS IS NOT YOUR FAULT." I yell louder, finally finding my voice. The drugs seem to be wearing off, and suddenly I can move, I can squeeze back, I can jump up. I do, and several little sucker-pads rip off. Grimacing, I take Eilidh's other hand in mine and pull her up. "This isn't your fault. Its mine. Its whatever I did to you to make you leave. Can you ever forgive me?" 


"Just tell me yes, or no." 

"Of course I can Donny... B-" I cut her off with a kiss, pulling her close to me, my hands on her waist, then in her hair, on her face, tracing patterns on her back. I break off slowly and murmur:

"I love you.." 

The End

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