Donny is standing on the top of the bridge, looking like he is about to jump. All because of me. 

"DONNY! DONNY! What the fuck are you doing Donny?!" I yell, running over and grabbing his hand, pulling him down. Then, the moment his feet hit the pavement, he collapses. His hand is cold and clammy in mine. The screams start. Quite a crowd have gathered in a circle around us. I am having none of it. "All right, back off, he's not fucking dead, party's over." Then I reach into my bag and pull out my phone. I dial nine nine nine with shaking fingers. 

"Hello, emergency services, which service do you require?" A smooth woman's voice purrs. 

"Ambulance." I manage to say. I give out the address of the bridge, and then sit on the gradually emptying bridge, clutching the half-naked Donny to my breast. His chest rises and falls shallowly. It is a painfully long quarter of an hour before I hear sirens. I leap up, pulling a limp Donny up with me. 

The rest of it is a blur, the ambulance, being slowly guided through the hospital, Donny lying in a white bed, in a white room, his skin almost as white as the walls. I slump on the chair next to the bed, and grab his hand. 

"I'm here.." I whisper, knowing he can't hear me. Then I sit back, and I wait. Because I'm not leaving until he does. No matter what he has done to me, how much he has hurt me, I don't ever, ever want him dead. To think he almost killed himself over me is a sickening thought. I really need to talk to him.. 


The End

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