I contemplated the idea that I had done something wrong.

I thought through a whole four hours with no result.

I shook it off and decided to distract myself with Facebook.

No one had any news that day, or from days before, other than Marcus was angry with "someone". I guessed that was me. I sighed and clicked onto Eilidh's profile, just to look at some pictures from our honeymoon in Ibiza.

But something caught my eye.

Eilidh went from "In a relasionship" to "It's complicated".

Did this mean she wanted out? Did it mean she wanted to tell me what was wrong? Why didn't she? Tears began to build up so I turned off the laptop.

Maybe I should apologize to Marcus. He was only saying "hi". But then, why should I have apologized? I didn't do anything wrong, really. Well, I did shout at him, because he put the idea's of divorce in my head. I collapsed on the bed and picked up the phone, almost shaking.

I dialled the number and waited.

"Hello?" Nancy picked up, Marcus' mom.

"Hey, Aunt Nancy. Can I talk to Marcus, please?" I said, trying to cover my shaky voice.

"Sure, Donny. I must warn you though, he's been a bit down lately. Here he is." She whispered and I heard the phone being moved around.

"Come on, Marcus. He wants to talk to you." I heard Nancy say in the distance.

"I don't want to talk to anyone." Marcus sounded as though he was really upset. Could I have upset him that much?

"Too bad. Here you go." Nancy handed Marcus the phone back.

"Hello, Donny." A dreary voice said into the phone.

"Hey, Marcus. I want to apologize for what I said yesterday. That was really rude of me and it wasn't your fault. I'm sorry." I said in one breath.

Silence took over for a few moments, then I heard a sigh.

"Thats ok. I'm just going through some stuff at the moment too. Sorry for what I said." He sniffed.

"What sort of stuff? I could help." I said, hoping it was going to be easy. I stood up.

"Girl stuff."

I looked down, really wishing I hadn't asked.

"Marcus, honey, I need the phone." I heard Nancy say faintly.

"Oh, you probably heard that, Donny. Bye." Marcus hung up without me getting a chance to say goodbye.

I collapsed down onto the bed again. It smelled of Eilidh. I stared at the drawer where she kept her underwear. Maybe she had left some behind...

The End

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