“Hey, darling.” I catch her from behind and she chuckles quietly.

“Hey!” She doesn’t turn around as I move my hands around her neck and torso. She stops cutting the carrots she was slicing for that days lunch and puts her hands on my face.

“Listen, we need to talk.” I say slowly. She makes an expression as if she knows what I'm going to say. “Don’t worry.”

“What is it?” She asks me, whispering.

“Can you hug me, please?” She looks confused at this but hugs me anyway. Our embrace lasts little more than ten seconds.

“Anything else?” She giggles.

“Kiss me.” I say, not looking at her. She does so, very gently.

“Why did you ask me to do that?” She frowns, but she’s still smiling.

“Eilidh, I wanted to feel your hug and kiss one last time before I say this.” I pause and her face looks horrified, again guessing what I'm about to say. “Do you truly love me? Do you feel I'm not enough for you? I have always felt that way, do you? Are you entirely happy?” I sum it up in one question.

“Oh, Donny.” She puts a hand to her head, worryingly.

“You aren’t happy.” I say almost silently and tears are almost in my eyes.

“It’s... complicated. I had some news the other day and... I’m just learning to deal with it.” Tears are now building in her eyes.

“Love, you can tell me, can’t you?” I put my hands on her newly-turned scarlet face.

“I don’t know. It could change everything.”

This was killing me. Why wouldn’t she tell me? I told her all my secrets. Why couldn’t she tell me one of hers?

“Please, just tell me. I’ll support you a hundred per cent.” I wrap my arms around her and she breaks down in tears, causing a wet patch to appear on my blue shirt.

She doesn’t make any signs that she's going to tell me. I sigh quietly and rub her shoulders.

“I’m so sorry.” She says between sobs. “I can’t tell you now.”

“Will you ever be able to tell me?” I say, looking her in the eyes.

“Someday, I might have to.”

The End

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