I let out a small sigh. Eilidh is all I've ever wanted, all I ever will want, but I have a strange feeling that our lives cannot be as perfect as they seem. As morbid as it sounds, I feel as though something must be amiss. 

I would never even dream of cheating on Eilidh, of leaving her, betraying her.. But can I say the same for her? Instantly I regret even thinking it. How could I think such a thing? She loves me. Why would she cheat on me? She told me herself, she thinks I'm amazing, she loves our life together.. So why did I see that spark of doubt in her eyes? 

Of course, the last two hours would tell any onlooker a different story. They would have seen two young people, so totally careless, so totally in love, that they feel the need to consummate their love in the middle of the day.. 

I turn over, and look at her naked body, sprawled in the bed. She has fallen straight back to sleep. She never was a morning person... I run my hand through her hair, down her neck, over her breast and stomach. She shivers away from my cold touch, turning slightly away from me. 

I sit up, looking for my boxers and the rest of my clothes. Why can't I shake off the feeling that she isn't telling me something? That she isn't entirely happy? That I'm not enough for her? I have always felt that she was far too good for me.. Does she feel that way too? 

That's it. I have to ask her. 

The End

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