Talking to the MoonMature

“Happy anniversary.” I say, kissing her neck gently and she almost jumps at the sound of my calm voice.

She smiles at me and laughs. “To you too, darling.” She kisses me and I caress her carefully.

One year seems so short now. One year since we had said those words: “I do”.

“I love you.” I say to her as we slowly pull away.

“How long will you love me?” She wraps her arms around my neck and asks even though she knows the answer.

“Forever and ever.” I smile back at her and brush her golden hair behind her ear, it falls back onto her face and she looks down.

“You ok?” I ask her.

“What would I not be ok about? I have the most amazing husband and the most amazing life anyone could ever wish to have.” She looks back into my eyes but her soft hazel eyes don’t speak the truth.

“You sure?” I take her hand and we sit down on the stools around the island in our kitchen.

“Yes, Donny. I love you.” She chuckles gently.

"And I love you too, Eilidh." Her name is like honey, sweet and smooth as it rolls off my tongue.

I breathe a sigh of relief. I know there was almost nothing to worry about, but if I thought for one second that she could be in distress, I couldn’t live with myself for not knowing.

We are kissing again and we race upstairs, I don't need to say anymore about the next hour or two.


The End

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