The final battle

The werewolves padded forward slowly, savouring the terror of their prey. Buck, Alsatian and Hotdog took defensive positions in front of the following dogs and readied themselves for a battle that would surely be lost.

As if by magic, Pasha and her followers sprang out of the shadows and leapt onto the werewolves, sinking fangs and claws into the flea ridden flesh. Alsatian ordered the attack and all of the dogs in the cage room followed Pasha’s lead and started savaging the killers. 

Buck’s face lit up with joy we can win this war and stop this massacre.

The battle was immense; teeth clashed, limbs flailed and dead bodies wee thrown aside. Buck prayed that none of the bodies were that of his dogs, the dogs who had fought so bravely and continued to do so, even though the odds were stacked against them.

Alsatian was faring well against the leader werewolf, digging his hind claws into the Beast’s stomach.

The fighting pair was kicked aside and Alsatian slipped under his attacker, pinned down by heavy paws.

“You can’t win son, you can’t ever win” the beasts howled “you are a disgrace”

“A disgrace am I, father? It isn’t about winning. It’s about joining your friends in battle and supporting them all the way, it’s about doing the right thing and saving lives!” Alsatian hissed merrily, almost laughing. Once more his body changed and formed the half werewolf, half dog he had been when he had killed Sniper. With a long, heavily toothed muzzle, Alsatian threw his head forward and sunk his canine teeth into his father’s throat.

“You’re the disgrace father, you were killed by your

weak, unworthy son” Alsatian seethed as he pulled

his teeth lose. His father choked and spluttered for a few seconds, coughing up blood, and then he collapsed onto his son, as dead as the dogs around him.

The werewolves around him froze and saw their dead leader. The werewolves suddenly became panic stricken and many released themselves from their prey and retreated down the hallway and into the shadows. Those that remained were wither dead, or close too it.

Buck and Alsatian, now changed back to his regular dog form, gathered everyone together to find they had lost no dogs. Team work had won.

“Well done pasha” Alsatian praised the young female. Hotdog was dazed; his head had been kicked hard by someone and now he could not remember much.

“Alsatian...” he began.

“Yes” Alsatian replied.

“I need to tell you something, but I have forgotten what it was. It’s very important though, I remember that much” Hotdog explained with depression in his voice.

“Well you had better try to remember fast then” Alsatian urged.

Buck licked Pasha’s face gently as a way of greeting and then the duo led their groups out into the hallway.

“We need to return to the others” Buck insisted.

“Good idea” Alsatian agreed.  


When the triumphant Buck, Alsatian, Pasha, Hotdog and their ranks of followers returned to the clearing where everyone had been left, the welcoming party was unforgettable. Everyone exchanged hugs and licks and yelps of happiness. Buster was overjoyed to be reunited with his mate. Husky licked his sister vigorously and Hotdog stumbled about trying to remember what he was to tell Alsatian.

Without warning, Buck started snarling loudly and menacingly. Every head turned to face him.

“Blade is here” Buck said simply. Blade stepped out from a small group of happy canines to face his twin.

“Why are you here?” Buck asked, baring his teeth.

“That’s a nice way to welcome your brother” Blade laughed.

“Speak now, Blade, or I’ll rip your throat out” Alsatian snarled under his breath.

Blade considered this for a moment before approaching the higher ranking dogs, which included Buck, Alsatian, Pasha, Buster, Papillion, Husky, Buffy and Jake, as well as the rescued

Princess and a confused Hotdog.

“The bomb is here, not in the building. They buried it deep and you only have mere minutes of life left, unless you let me help you dig it up” Blade explained.

“Impossible, a stupid trap!” Alsatian barked. Hotdog stepped forward.

“It’s not, I heard the werewolves talking about it” he said loudly. Every dog in the clearing looked stunned by Hotdog and Blade’s absurd claim. But Hotdog didn’t lie, and everyone knew that.

“Very well, where is this bomb then Blade?” Buck asked, suppressing his anger.

Blade sniffed the ground intently, and then changed into the very familiar werewolf form that had been seen for months now. The werewolf started digging furiously until, after only seconds had passed, he found a metal canister buried a few metres under the ground.

“Now what?” Buck said as Blade shifted back into his beagle form.

“We need to get out of here as fast as we can. We take Blade as well; for he has proven himself to be more pure hearted than we thought. You’re a hero Blade!” Alsatian announced.

Silence followed.

“NO!” Blade shouted quickly and he grabbed the

canister between his teeth and raced past the dogs he had recently been trying to kill. He headed into the building, his intentions clear.

“NO!” Buster yelled, and raced after the beagle.

“BUSTER!” Pasha yelped.


Blade carried on running as fast as his legs could carry him. He needed to get to the centre of the building, and he only had about thirty seconds left before the canister blew up. Please let my death be quick, I hope I have made up for all those murders by saving those dogs Blade prayed silently Let the dog behind me have an even quicker death. Blade could hear Buster frantically pursuing him, but he knew both him and Buster would soon be dead.  

Blade reached the centre of the building and set the canister down just as Buster burst into the room.

“RUN!” he bellowed and threw himself at the bomb.


The explosion that followed was colossal. The entire building was consumed by glowing light and flame that mushroomed towards the sky. The noise it made deafened all of the dogs in the clearing temporarily and rubble flew everywhere. The bomb had gone off, Buster and Blade were gone. As were any remaining werewolves sheltering in the building, growling happily to themselves at the thought that their plan may well have been successful. But it had backfired, severely.

“NNNNOOOOOOOO!” Pasha screamed at the sky, grieving her lost mate. Everyone in the clearing was dumbstruck and rooted to the ground. Buster was gone; those words hadn’t sunk in yet.

Alsatian pulled the sobbing Pasha close and held her tight.

“He saved us all, he will not be forgotten” Alsatian soothed.

“Neither will Blade” buck mumbled.

Buster was gone.


The next day the dogs returned to their dens. Pasha went straight to her pups and Buck sought out Dosi. Alsatian spent some time with his mate, Sandy, recollecting all of the good memories and catching up on some grooming.

The story of Blade and Buster’s sacrifice was told to everyone and the groups most senior members; Alsatian, Buck and Dosi, left the group and went to the beach.

While Alsatian grieved for his son ( Papillion had told him the story), Buck and Dosi talked things over.

“Why weren’t you with us during the battle?” Buck questioned.

“Buck, you’re going to be a father” Dosi smiled as she hugged her mate.

“What!?” Buck replied.

“You are going to have pups. Our pups” Dosi repeated.

“Really!” Buck shouted with joy “Oh my dog, that’s just brilliant!”

“Yes it is” Dosi said.

When Alsatian joined them later, the news was told and Alsatian couldn’t be happier.

“We can live a new life here, all together. I have my mate back, you have pups, as does Pasha, my pups have mates” Alsatian laughed “So, Master Buck, what’s the plan?”

“I say we live here, as you said, all of us, over one hundred dogs and pups” buck concluded. Alsatian nodded in agreement.

“And Alsatian?” Buck sneered.


“Talk to the Paw” Buck giggled.

The End

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