Dogs reunited

Buster had removed himself from the small group, not wanting to cause trouble and he was feds up of receiving dirty looks from everyone, even Pasha.

Pasha had made no attempt to follow him which, in his mind, proved she didn’t like him.

He swept past Princess moodily and bounced into a bush. Once he was in the bush, he forced his way through the branches and paced down a small track. He kept going until he reached a small badger set. He cautiously scented the air and was relieved to find the scent stale. There had been no badgers in the

den for at least three weeks.  Without a second though or a backward glance, Buster crawled through the entrance. His back scraped against the roof of the small cave, sending a pile of dirt tumbling to the floor. Unaware of the tunnel slowly collapsing, he pulled himself in, causing more and more dirt to fall. Still oblivious to the collapse, Buster turned around to get comfortable and the cave caved in.

The entrance was blocked in by at least a ton of earth, which was packed in tightly. Buster panicked and kicked at the walls and clawed at the earth. Claustrophobia set in as Buster shouted and screamed. Breathing became harder as the air supply within the cave started failing.

“Help! Help me!” wailed Buster. He kept shouting until he fainted from lack of air.


Buck lay down next to Dosi and Alsatian, out of breath and unsuccessful during hunting.

“You lot are so thick and selfish” Pasha accused.

“Why?” Alsatian huffed.

“For starters you are acting like a pup” Pasha said, pointing at Alsatian “you want to start a fight with my friend” she added, pointing at Buck.

Pasha shook her tail in anticipation. Buster had not returned to the group.

“Buster has been gone a long while” Pasha told the pack.

“So?” Buck hissed.

“You don’t care, do you?”


“Well you should”.


“Because if you were a real friend f mine, you would get to know him, you may even like him”.

“Yeah right”.


Whilst Buck and Pasha were arguing, Dosi was wondering whether this new Buster fella could really ruin a friendship between her friends.

Buck was seething with anger, even as Pasha finished the argument and went off looking for Buster. Alsatian tagged along with her, making sure to stay a few paces back, so he didn’t annoy her.

“He’s a werewolf, we should hate him” Alsatian muttered suddenly.

“You’re a werewolf, should we hate you?” Pasha retorted. With that comment, Alsatian dropped the conversation but carried on following Pasha, who was busy observing a set of tracks.  She sniffed the faint marks and frowned with confusion.

“He came this way, but the tracks end here. “It’s like he just disappeared” Pasha mumbled.

“Who cares?” Alsatian hissed sarcastically. He surveyed the area for any signs of the annoying pinscher dog. He suddenly noticed the caved in badger den and, with blunt claws, started digging away at the crumbling dirt.  

“What is it!?” Pasha insisted, her hackles rising with anticipation.

“I think Buster may be in here” Alsatian grunted, ripping at the dirt. Filled with a new urgency Pasha began helping Alsatian shovel the dirt away. In moments the pair had dug a hole and managed to unblock the entrance of the den.


“Oh my dog!” Pasha shouted as she spied a mud-caked black pelt amongst the mud. She dived into the rubble and grabbed Buster’s scruff roughly. She dragged him out and onto the clearing and, unaided by Alsatian, tried to get Buster to breathe again.

“Help me then!” she screeched at Alsatian, who was idly standing around, observing the scene. He didn’t lift a hair to assist his friend. In desperation Pasha slammed her body weight onto Buster’s chest, causing his lungs to begin working again, and for him to start breathing. He coughed up a mouthful of dirt and wheezed in the cool breeze.

“Buster!” Pasha shouted, overjoyed. She hugged him gratefully, then unexpectedly spun round and snapped her jaws. She bit Alsatian’s front leg and sunk her teeth in.

“OOOOWWWWW” Alsatian bellowed “what was that for?”

“You stupid mongrel, you didn’t help Buster” Pasha shouted, her temper rising.

“I didn’t want to” Alsatian narrowed his

eyes. Buster leant on Pasha as he got to his

feet. She then led him into the forest and away from Alsatian. The German Shepherd Dog attempted to follow, but he was driven back by Pasha.

The pair reached a particularly dense patch of woods and decided to sit down and rest.

“I’m sorry for my friends” Pasha apologized.

“No need to be” Buster dismissed.

Pasha leant towards him and, gently, their noses touched in a sign of affection.    


The End

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