Talk Like A Man My GirlMature

the power of swearing and why you should always trust your first reaction.


Did I look beautiful when I said

'Fuck this and fuck you too'?

I hope so but I doubt it

You had the looks my one.

When I muttered  'Naff Off. 

You're such a stupid Fucking Cunt.'

Did I seem classy, like Lucy?

Fucking doubt it. 

Up yours shithead

was another parting shot

An ashtray in the head is what he got.  

Stupid Fucking Whore. 

That has been said and more. 

Miserable Twatting Bastard

Another favourite, I turn inward 

and tell myself to Piss Off you stinking old bitch

Out of all of these things, 

Fuck this and Fuck you too says it all 

Because I lost

Because you detested me 

Becuase I'm at the bottom of a pit 

and the only good words are Fuck and Twat 

So Fuck Off and Fuck You too 

If I'd stuck to this sentiment i'd be over you 

Instead of watching your lust and feeling my regret 

Strangle any future that may have been 

Distracted days, missed opportunities

All my error. 

But whether 

I told you to Naff Off, Jog On or Fuck yourself 

My health would have improved

If i'd meant it, dearest. 

Because love you till the end,

I still cunting well will.

The End

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