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I burst into my Curlsent's room, as her panicked screams echo from her bedchamber into my own. Right now I can't think logically, the only thought in my head is to save my sister as my body acts on it's own accord, as I sprint towards her bed my fingers dug so deep into my palms that the skin cracks and bleeds, the pain doesn't concern me.


I pull back the curtains around her bed, expected to find an attacker bent over her, instead I blink and find her fighting an invisible force, as she twists and turns in her sleep as piercing screams escape from her lips, her eyes are still closed as sweat sheens on her forehead.

A nightmare.

Understanding the situation, I grab my sister by her bony shoulders and shake her gently "Curlsent! Curlsent!" I yell at her repeatedly as she struggles to get out of my grip, eventually however my stiff grip keeps her in place as her eyes slowly flutter open as she looks up at me still panting heavily.

"Elarick?" she asks.

"It's me, you were just having a nightmare" I reassure my sister as I take my bleeding palms from her shoulders as she sits up in her bed, still shaking as I pull a reassuring arm across her shoulders.

"I was... dreaming father was here and that he was beating me. I was begging him to stop I was screaming and..." she trails to a halt, but the tears that spill down her cheeks tell me more than any words. To comfort her I pull her closer and allow her to cry on my pillow of chest.

We don't need the formal tags of "Brother and Sister" we call each other by our first name's. We can instantly open up too each other about any sort of problems or fears we have. Me and my younger sister just have that "connection" between us, were both quite clumsy in nature and light hearted.

Our fearsome father's visits to the kingdom may have been few and far in-between but every visit left their mark. He confined us in that castle, at twenty four years of age many men are fighting battles and having children with beautiful women. Whereas I have been imprisoned in my own home with no such experience.

I feel lonely to a great degree my 12 year old sister is all I can confide in.

"I heard you screaming sister, there is no shame in it, our father was... the demons of every realm put into one man" Curlsent looks up at me with shiny blue ore's of her's.

"Was?" she questions.

"He is a thing of the past, we'll never see him again I swear it" I promise to my sister.

She simply sobs and sniffs in response as I massage her back, however as I do she notices my bleeding palms and the blood on her robe's from my hands. "You're bleeding!" She notes alarmed.

"While in the haste to get here I dropped my dagger onto my hands, you know how clumsy I am don't you? Besides it's nothing to worry about" I lie to her, I don't want her think I clenched my fists too hard, the thought of me doing violent acts terrifies her to the core. Yet as I try and act like the tough older brother she rushes to a nearby drawer and pulls out a few bandages and ointment cream.

"I'm fine" I tell her again as she begins to apply the soothing Ointment to my wounds.

"I hate seeing you hurt" she simply replies working her magic on me. Other than her skills with our element, Curlsent is one hell of healer, some of the healers in our castle reckon she could become an expert in the profession with the proper training. Well she is always the one tending to us after father's visits.

"Do you reckon this new start for us is any better?" she asks out of the blue as I stare at her as she repairs the gouges in my hands. 

"Well, it has to be better than what we left behind" I summarise as she laughs, many other children from other kingdoms were overwhelmed with the capital, I was too but this feels more like a welcome sanctuary to what I left behind. But that's maybe because I with my siblings who are my home.

Yesterday was a strange experience, all of us remained grouped together as the lone man from the air kingdom showed us how to master his element. That is what I spent all day doing, with my siblings. Moving as one pack, talking to others as a pack. Not straying from the pack and in many ways I was the ringleader.

I know it's wrong, I know my siblings deserve some freedom with some new people. But I'm not ready to let go of them yet, I may look like a king, as the strongest most just brother of the electric kingdom.

Yet I'd fall apart without my family.


A few hours later, Curlsent's hand locks on my bandaged one as I proceed forwards back towards the chamber, as the early morning sunlight causes floating dust to land peacefully on the red carpets and wrinkled stones that make up the interior of the castle's corridors.

"Who shall we go up and train with today?" Shakam asks of us, my quirky elder brother lacks my looks, or presence, standing hunched backed over corpses he experiments on. I think that's kinda strange but I'm never one to judge, especially my own brother, as odd as he is. 

"Not the Fire Kingdom nor those children of steel" Falusio states, as she is almost locked, hip on hip with Shakam the two share a similar bond to me and Curlsent and It's hard to see them apart. "Maybe Psychic?" Bolent suggests my five year old brother has wormed his smaller palm into my own.

"Maybe Bolent, maybe" I reassure him as he beams back up at me, father has never shown me how kindness only cruelty and Shakam is slowly starting to go senile. I know his only 33 but suffering for the longest out of all of us has had it's effect on him.

"Tell me Shakam, have you ever, kissed a woman?" I was thirteen years of age and my impulses were starting to surface, yet I was always remember my elder brother sadly shaking his head and In that moment I knew I was lost. I had no father figure, no leading male figure to guide me and show me how to be a man.

I have grown untouched, unfought, handsome but hollow inside. I look down at Bolent and Curlsent, I can't let them suffer the same fate, maybe I can save myself but I know I can save them from what Shakam has suffered. Falusio is also too far gone, she is too close to Shakam and weeps on every occasion and runs to him for comfort.

My final sibling Litunder is a mystery to everyone, she stands by my side her head in a book. Seemingly never fazed by events around her, although she is only 7 so She can be saved from the madness Shakam has slipped into, in his elder age.

"What about it Litunder? Psychic it is?" I ask of her, as she lifts her eyes from her book.

"Yes" she replies simply before returning to her inky words. 

"I think it's a great choice" Curlsent tells me with a beaming smile. 

As we enter the dungeon and prepare for another day, I keep on laughing and smiling at my sister

"It takes a strength to fight in a war, but an even greater strength to smile in one"

I don't when how I thought up that quote but their the words I live by and the words of advice I've given to Curlsent after our father's visits. 

I lift my head high, I cannot let father reduce us to ruins. Even if I see him again I vow, by that point to be able to gain the strength to fight him. To stand up to him. I will find my friends here, I will find a beautiful wife and I will ensure (above everything else) my family is safe and happy.

Ironically the thing right at the back of my mind right now is ruling Tiose, which is kinda why we are here.

That's kinda strange, if you think about it. 

The End

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