Shielded From The WorldMature


The first day of training trails to a halt as the seer herself descends the steps "Nightfall has arrived children, King Eadred orders that is it your time to rest" Everyone looks around at each other, as the last bolts and spurts of elements disappear or fall to the floor.

Guards are already at the ready to escort us back to our bed-chambers I found the majestic Grand Castle overwhelming due to it's grand size and as I walk back to my bed-chambers I realise the effect still hasn't worn off, as I gaze upwards towards never ending ceilings and walls I have to peer close enough to, so I can see every detail of every craving and decoration on them.

"I still can't get over how damn big this place is, I mean damn it doesn't look a day over 8000!" Inrenity says from ahead of me, oh why do I have to be with my annoying family at this time, in response I simply snap at her "Shut up, we know it's big" At which my siblings eyes fly to me.

"Oh lighten up Evepouride, don't stay mad at me over that little incident"  she muses as she plays with her auburn hair and smiles, that stupid smile makes me so fucking mad! "That little incident, was the possessing of a four year old girl! And then you implied disgusting Incest! When Mother and Father here off this you'll be sent straight back to the psychic kingdom!" I bellow to her.

In response she yawns and stretches her arms "Well you can threaten me Evepouride but I think in the long term a dosage of fun is..."

"Just be quiet!" I snap again and she finally closes her mouth, as we walk on in silence, our footsteps echoing down the dark halls. Doesn't my stupid younger sister understand? Doesn't she understand how hard I've been training to become ruler? I need to, I will ensure peace. I fought in the EndWar, at 33, I was only a teenager when I watched my early wife die right in front of me.

I cannot let those scenes happen again. What angers me so much is that my little sister is treating it like it's a joke. She never fought in the EndWar, I loathe her because of ignorance towards the whole situation. Especially when you consider who could potentially sit on the throne other than me.

"I reckon your in with a good chance brother, I'm sure no one rotten to the core shall take the throne anyhow, Eadred won't allow it" Spartou tells me, as she can read my thoughts. As much as I get along with my sensible elder sister I don't appreciate my thoughts being aired to everyone, so much so I construct a small shield around my head.

My power allows me to shield myself from the effects of my element (they can't harm us, but in the case of mind reading, and body snatching, I keep my guard up to avoid embarrassment) but today I've been constructing my shield to block from other elements. We trained with the small nature girl and the steel guy and to my surprise I was able to block these two elements after a few minutes of practice.

Whether they were weak controllers of their elements, or my shield was really that effective I don't know. All I know is that I blocked another element, that I can do it. However tomorrow I'll have to try and focus on learning more elements, as I've improved my own. No one asked me to teach them to make a shield, no it was all Gryfillar and Inrenity gaining the attention.

"... can't believe they were so into me, out of all of  our powers mine is the must dull, it might as well be the air power" Gryfillar is telling Inrenity. "The prince's only want to fuck you two" Spartou spits at them angrily, well as harsh as it sounds it's true., me and Spartou lost our looks a long time ago (if we had any to begin with) so we don't have to fear people shall we say...

Kissing our backsides for power or reasons of lust.

"Well I'm pretty sure a four year girl doesn't have such thoughts" Inrenity tells me referring to the small girl of nature she drew the interest of earlier (to my expense) "Will she will now no thanks to you" I snarl as she tuts at me and shakes her head "What a disgusting thing to imply brother, wait till I tell Father and Mother".

Gryfillar and the youngest brother Phonenic laugh at this. Phonenic is five, while my other brother Scythide is ten. Both have been fairly silent in the shadows of us elder siblings (my baby brother Parewon the mostly recently born is the only child in all ten kingdoms not present here, considering a newborn baby and has no developed power yet, it would pointless to have him here).

"That was funny" Phonenic says to my elder sister who smiles back down to him, he is turning out like my disgraceful two young sister's with the bright hair and bright eyes and just as silly an attitude, thankfully though Scythide has my dark eyes and hair, I suppose the outer appearances really reflect our personalities.  

"What did you make of the others then?" Scythide interjects into the conversation before another argument can break out. "Well that small nature girl seemed nice, Laformore wasn't it?" Inrenity asks of Gryfillar who nods.

"I liked that water guy, Wellitar" Gryfillar says with dreamy eyes before a cough from Inrenity brings her back down to earth "Yeah, but his a show off you can tell from a mile away, his little brother seemed better with Water when I approached them". She tells us.

"That lone man from the Air Kingdom seemed like a reserved type" Spartou says "I couldn't read his thoughts, his power was too great" she says (Spartou can only read the mind of those weak of powers,or commoners, or that of her own kin) "Some of the thoughts I picked up on were disturbing however" she adds.

"I think we can all agree we hate the fire boy" I state "Who, that brat Ashom?" Gryfillar asks as I nod as she grunts in disgust. Before we are called up to our separate bed-chambers on our shared dislike for Ashom I am able to sleep slightly more happy with a temporary peace with my siblings.

As I lie down and try to sleep, I think about my odds and my powers. Will I rule Tiose? With the competition I doubt it and for the first day I spent my time keeping my walls up, make my shield stronger.

A gut response, my dream is to secure a troubled Tiose, but ever since the horrors of the EndWar, I've been snappy, building my walls up, with my shield to help me distance myself to the world. I don't want to be open with people.

I want to secure.

But I have to defend.  

The End

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