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A mass chunk of earth that I lifted (without my hands) slams into the dungeon wall making the entire room sway as the dust from the shattered earth blows around the room making a few people cough, unconcerned I turn back to where my younger brother Kicwichi is watching me with a sour expression on his face.

"TOUGH LUCK LITTLE BRO! I CAN MOVE PIECES OF EARTH BIGGER THAN YOU, THEREFORE I WIN THE DEAL NOW LICK THE FLOOR!" I boom in merry pride, Key (as I like to call him) gets down on his knees and shouts up to me "Next time we make a deal, I'm making you lick the Seer's old arse!"

"Lick the damn floor like it's your wife!" I command back, ignoring his "threat" 

Sighing he does so. We had a deal you see whoever who manipulate the largest chunk of earth and throw it at the wall would "win". We dared the one who "lost" would lick the floor beside the victor's feet and that's what Key's doing right now. We always abide to our dare's I've done my fair share of dares and so has he.

The girls of the nature kingdom have come to join us in learning earth. The raven haired beauty is learning with Fizzy, while the blonde, the twins and the younger scruffy looking one are laughing with mirth at Key's inferior skills.

"That's why you should learn with me ladies!" I shout red faced to them, as the eldest gives me a dazzling smile and I feel my testosterone levels soar, she looks like one of those delicate uptight bitches, who wouldn't even pass me a glance at the likes of me. But as I've discovered (to my delight) she has the personality to match her beauty. Kind, generous and accepting of everyone.

Of course there's sexual attraction in there but... also something more that makes my head feel light and funny. I guess Key feels the same or else we wouldn't be here making this dare trying to impress her. I guess I just have as I approach her, as a hulking giant of 7 foot 2 my black spikes of hair lie flat against the celling.

I'm easily the tallest, most well- built man here. I draw eyes but I have long since drawn eyes since an early age due to my massive size, I have long since learnt to deal with it and use it to my advantage, besides the ladies love guys as large and robust as me.

"It would be nice to learn earth from you" The blonde girl says as I feel myself get flustered "Well, I would like to know your name to see if it matches your pretty face" I reply as she giggles and goes crimson at the cheeks.

"Florana" she replies extending her hand. 

"Puntapull, it's a pleasure Florana" I say shaking her hand as gently as I can.

"So, will you teach me and my sisters how to control the earth?" she asks.

"I'd teach you much more than earth If I could Florana" I say suggestively as she giggles, so she can deal with a guy like me? I've found my dream girl. As I think about that I hear a fake vomiting noise behind me.

"Sister, eww!" the two twins behind her say at the same time in a giddy tones. 

"Puntapull this is Autamare and Autamore, and that's Groxslain" she says pointing at the younger looking girl who nods back at me "My sister's please be excused if they lack manners" she continues no doubt meaning the twins. 

"Don't worry, I feel as I may have upset you with the words that come out of my mouth" I state as she beams at me "Do not apologise, I understand how men can be it doesn't upset me in the least" she tells me to my delight.

"You two, should like get a room already" One of the twins says.

"Hey Key! You can teach the younger girls how to move rocks! I want to get to know M'lady Florana a little better!"

"THAT'S NOT PART OF THE DAMN DEAL!" Kicwichi shouts back at me as he stands up tall, his tongue still white from the dust he licked up from the floor. "Well it is unless you want another dare, you'll do as I say" I command as he bites his tongue from another insult and goes off with the younger 3 sisters. For today, I have won.


Florana struggles to lift rocks from the floor, no matter how gentle I am with the girl she just can't do it. Every time a rock falls to earth she mutters "Sorry, Sorry" in a rushed breath. Before she follows my instructions to concentrate and tries again only to fail again.

"Maybe I can teach you how to control plants first, It would save time" she mutters after her latest failure but I shake my head. "I know you can do it, I want you to learn before me, ladies first is a rule of mine" I say.

"You are a polite gentlemen, but I'm afraid no matter how hard I try It seems I am troubled" she says as she sits cross legged onto the floor and stares at the dust particles on the ground. I'm not good in emotional situations, however I decide now is the time to comfort this girl, it sounds mad but I really quite like her. (In more ways than just lust) 

I also bend my giant limbs and sit by her, awkwardly, even sitting down I'm still fairly tall and my head bobs above many others in the room. "I'm not a big, scary monster, you can tell what's wrong I can help" I plead with her as she gazes up at me. "You are a big friendly giant Puntapull but I have only just met you" she reminds me.

"I know, but I am a man of word, I'm here to help I swear it" I plead as she sighs.

"He was just like you, the last man of loved" She begins as I ask "Who?" to showcase my interest. She shakes her head "It doesn't matter who, but... he liked me and I liked him... he... I don't know why... but he took his own life" 

"Whoa" I say in an instant. I was expecting a meek issue not a suicide.  She doesn't reply so I carry on with "Doesn't he give you a reason?" 

"No, guards found him hanging from a tree, I just can't stop thinking about why. It makes no sense and has bothered me for weeks now, In some way I fear it's my fault" she says sadly as her blue eyes turn into pools as I move closer to her. 

"Florana, I have just met you but I know just by looking at you, by talking to you there was no way in the ten kingdoms that his death was in any way your fau..."

My comforting lines are dashed as something slams across my face sending me sprawling to the floor, ignoring the pain on my face (which quickly fades telling me I was attacked by one of my own) I look up to see Fisrickle, well Fizzy, staring down at me.

"Break it up love birds, I'm done" He says.

"What?" I ask, still dazed.

"I'm done, Roselly here (at this point I notice the raven haired beauty standing by his side) taught me how to control the nature element and I have learn it" he announces.

"Big deal" I scoff.

Two seconds later a dozen plants from the plant hole have wrapped themselves around my neck and ankles, they release as soon as they are there, but the assulat still leaves me gasping "It is a big deal brother, I need to learn elements If I want to rule, henceforth I promised in return for teaching me nature you'd teach Roselly here how to control earth"

And with that he strides off to his next victim. Leaving me unable to mutter a word as I stare after my big headed brother. Damn the Gods! I hate him more and more every day, he may rule Tiose but still there's no need to attack your own kin.

"Dear Sister you look upset, you should rest and I'll stay with your friend" Roselly tells her sister as she stands up and walks off "But Puntapull wanted me to teach him..." she protests as Roselly pats her back "It's okay you'll see your giant friend very soon" at this Florana leaves the dungeon as I stare after her. The raven haired beauty strides up to me and sits down.

"Okay then, Puntapull is it? I'm Roselly I can't wait to be taught earth by you" she smiles.

I'm still staring at the door after Florana, still love-struck I never thought I would be, yet here I am feeling empty without the blonde girl at my side.

I feel Roselly grab my giant hand, it limply lands on her big bust, at which I return to my senses with wide eyes as she giggles at me "You men make me laugh sometimes with your expressions" she says as I slide my hands from her breasts. "Okay, let's get started" I say rather distant.


Soon Roselly is all over me. Purring and giggling and blushing, telling me I'm a big boy and I must have "big assets" naturally my body replies of it's own accord but my mind is elsewhere still love-struck on Florana, I want more than anything to hold her, and comfort her.

Roselly saw it. How love-struck the giant brute was with his sister slowly seducing him was proving a challenge but one she would achieve. He would fuck her as a placebo for Florana, and it was good, the empty headed idiot had no idea what she had planned to play this game of thrones. Her plan was so far working well.

The End

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