The Nature Of UnderdogsMature


Shielding my hair behind my eyes I stand nervously I may be robed in heavy jungle green robes, but I feel naked and exposed without my sister's around me.

Florana has gone off to train with those from the Fire Kingdom along with those two water prince's. Roselly has vanished into thin air, Groxslain has gone over to the large sons of the earth kingdom. My elder twin sisters Autamare and Autamore are also with those of the earth kingdom. While I'm left standing here, with my four year old Laformore tugging at my hand with big eyes and a sad expression on her face.

"I miss mum" She wails.

Typical of my sisters to leave me with her.

I sigh as I glance around everyone seems to be pairing up and I can't find anyone to pair up with and I don't like big groups of people, they put me on edge. I tug at Laformore tiny palm as I mutter gently to her "Come on, let's go find someone to teach us an element, hey?" 

"Fire!" She says pointing the bright balls of flame that unleash from the large redhead's woman's fingers, as the eldest water kingdom son bellows "Fucking cool!" Curses from men usually scare me and that scene looks rowdy, I don't want to approach a group like that.

"Let's find somewhere else" I say quickly heading towards the walls so I won't be the centre of the room drawing people's attention, as I do Laformore starts screaming "But I want fire! I want fire!"

I feel sweat build on my forehead as I few eyes turn my way at Laformore's screaming, my heart rate increases as I practically drag her wailing form towards the wall of the dungeon, upon reaching it Laformore calms down slightly as she wipes her nose, all attention is off us now. Calming down slightly I bend down to her "So where do you want to go?" I ask.

"Fire, Fire looks good" she booms

"Maybe we'll train for fire later, anything else?" I ask.

"Sister, we both know don't we?"

I pause and look down at Laformore in horror, she sounds much different and her eyes are calm, she looks up at me and I feel my pulse race what the hell has happened to her?

"I will die in eight hours, we both know that Evepouride from the psychic kingdom raped me, why didn't you tell anyone!" she wails as more heads turn. I'm panicking now as my eyes well up "What do you mean!?" I ask in increasing horror, confused and terrified at what she is saying.

"Here he comes! Be brave big sister! You must attack him for what he did and what he did to you as well as me!"

"What did he do to me!?" I beg of her.

I never get the answer because Evepouride (the man himself) arrives, I look up and that's when the tears flow. He is an ugly raven haired man who has the build of a skeleton, his eyes are currently black in rage at Laformore, I can't move, I can't even protect my little sister, I...

"GET OUT OF HER!" He bellows at Laformore.

"YOU RAPED ME! HE RAPED ME EVERYONE! A POOR LITTLE GIRL!" Now the whole room is staring at us with shocked expressions, I can't move, I'm hyperventilating, Evepouride turns red in embarrassment at the attention he is receiving.


"Such a spoilsport" Laformore mutters before her whole body bends and buckles to the floor, I watch in horror as another girl seemingly materialises out of thin air next to her, she stands up straight as I watch blinking rapidly wondering if I am dreaming. As the blonde girl stands up straight and faces Evepouride.

"That's possession of the body everyone!" she yells to all onlookers "For those that want to learn from the best element in the ten kingdoms you're more than free to come to the psychic controllers!" she lets out a huge smile as Laformore stands up and stares at her with wide eyes.

"You took over my body?" she asks awe.

"Yes" the girl smiles.

"IT WAS COMPLETELY UNCALLED FOR INRENITY!" Evepouride yells at the girl who I realise must be a younger sister of the psychic kingdom he turns to Laformore and says more gently "I'm sorry if she scared you, she is very out of order..."

"THAT SOUNDS SO COOL! WILL YOU TEACH ME HOW TO DO THAT!?" She screams in admiration to the elder psychic girl, who grins back down at her "Course" she grins as Evepouride face drops into a state of "You cannot be serious".

"Vinlin! Can I go train with the psychic's!" she begs of me, I find myself smiling despite how much the prank scared me I get the joke now. (As crude as it was) "Go ahead" I smile as Laformore runs off with the psychic children, which leaves me alone and forgotten.  

As always


I gaze across the hazy dungeon, bursts of fire and bolts of blue light the dusty greenish and grey slabs in this room. The general chatter has increased as I can observe the small groups forming around the holes of elements, I sit crouched by the wall, my head bent drawing no interest what-so-ever, I seek no company and expect none.

I just can't speak to people. My hands curl into fists when I try to speak to anyone other than my sisters, my words splutter out like faint smoke, which leave no effect on the person listening as the smoke fades...

I am the forgotten sister, at ten and overshadowed by my elder and younger sisters, hidden by my long black hair, I see the world through my veil too scared to come out. Hence I know with this status I have no chance of ruling Tiose, I just want to go back home and live a normal happy life.

As I imagine that normal life, a shadow falls onto me, I look up to find a pale boy looking at me through strands of messy brown hair "H-hey, I n-noticed you a-alone and wondered if you w-wanna learn from each o-other, my brother's are b-busy too" he stammers nervously, his big brown globes flying every direction but not resting on me.

"Okay" I mutter back looking to the floor, as I curl into a small ball, uncomfortable with his presence as he seats himself next to me, I don't say a word I can already feel my heart beating faster. Will he insult me? Hurt me?

"What kingdom are you from?" he squeaks.

"Nature" I reply indicating my green robes as he absorbs the colours.

"Oh yeah, s-should have known, G-green and all, colour of plants, huh?" he laughs after this, I don't reply as he forced laughs die in his throat and he gulps "Anyway I'm Roreek of the earth kingdom, w-we can practice here rather than in the hole because there are few b-bits of r-rock here I can teach you too move..." he trails to a halt as he gazes at me awaiting a reply.

"I'm Vinlin, I'm ten" I say before I fluster realising how bad that last part sounded, he didn't need to know my age.

"I'm twelve" is the reply as he lets out a shaky smile at me.

I look at him and brush the hair away from my face, like me I notice that he is also away from the large groups. I've never met someone like me before (then again I don't meet a lot of people anyway) we both seem rather timid in our affairs.

I feel a kinship with this boy instantly so I return his shaky smile with one of my own and mutter "Well, you can teach me then"


A few minutes pass as we sit cross legged in the as he instructs me "You just have to focus on the rock and will it to move without moving your hands" he says as I try to block out some of the noises in the dungeon and focus on the small rocks, after 5 minutes of solid concentration the small rock finally rises a few centimeters, however as I celebrate the tiny rock hits the floor again.

"You need to stay focused" Roreek tells me.

"I tried, but this is very similar to how we control plants in the nature kingdom" I say as I turn to the tiny rocks again. "That's good" he says simply as he looks over to the large groups' again. I know lifting these tiny rocks is no achievement, there are people who can move tons of earth without 5 minutes of concentration, but with a few seconds. My powers are very weak indeed.

"You know my brother Fisrickle, he got his face scarred in the Endwar when he got hit by a bomb of old magic" Roreek pipes up out of the blue, as he does I turn to the man he is pointing out and flinch. "Those look horrible" I say gazing at the deep wrinkled scars that coat half of his face.

"They say he was hit with a explosive filled with old magic, there is no cure or ointment" he says sadly as his brown gaze comes back to me. I feel like opening up now for a chance at friendship "My sister Florana is considered the most beautiful women in the ten kingdoms she is said to have over sixty proposals a day from suitors" 

"Sixty!?" Roreek says in disbelief as he looks at the my beautiful eldest sister "Well, I would like to join the line" he says as we both laugh.

We talk on about siblings, my infamous twin sisters and their pranks, Groxslain's (my tomboyish sister's) antics by climbing castle walls. In return he tells me about his brothers, the giants of the kingdom, their pranks on each other. But he finally reaches the question that makes me stop talking.

"What about you Vinlin?" 

I can find no response, for one simple reason. I am nothing compared my siblings, nothing.

I simply deflect the answer

"What about you Roreek?" 

His face sinks as he mutters "Well... nothing much really" 

"Yeah, me too" I say feeling down about myself, yet after this I continue to focus on my rocks, I promise I'll teach Roreek the nature element sooner rather than later.

I may be an underdog here, but it's nice to have a friend. 

The End

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