Dread Over Troubled WaterMature


I stretch my arms outwards as I inhale the dusty air around me, underneath my small blanket I just want to lie forever-more on the comfortable mattress that I have been sent too, as the world would stop around me and everything would be still and there would no consequences for the future.

Did I make the right choice last night?

I gulp and think hard, I did, I have to assure myself that I did. If I didn't I could bet I wouldn't be sleeping in this bed, the minute I walked into the throne room last night I sensed it...

A door flying open breaks my train of thought as I gaze upwards, the tapestries beside my bed fly open, and my elder brother Wellitar stands there, bare chested and bare legged with only a small set of undergarments to cover his manhood. Dropping any form of dignity what-so-ever he booms "FLUDREAD! TODAY'S THE DAY!" He says as he shakes my ankle's.

I rise from the bed and sigh, today training begins and I do not want to enter the throne room. I'm exhausted enough as it is, trying to...

"So who shall we approach first dear brother" Wellitar asks of me, well he would, as a grown handsome man he projects the image of the elder, more mature brother. In reality I'm older than my brother in every aspect other than age.

He seeks my guidance. 

"I was going to decide on fire since that is the hardest element for us water-controllers to master" that's true as it's the complete opposite to our element then again I have my doubts "Although after seeing the fire controllers themselves last night, I may concur" I conclude.

"That Ashom kid's a little shit" Wellitar says right off the bat, no doubt he was recalling the shouting match we all had to witness last night. The rage emitting from that boy told me more than enough about him to avoid him. His older brother had a temper to match but seemed on a morale high ground. Then there was fat man and that Intimidating woman.

"We'll have to try and practice fire brother, once we learn how to use it every other element will be easier added to the fact it will be out of the way first" I summarise, my brother nods at my wise words as his eyes trail me like a lost puppy. 

I gaze at him for a while before I decide to break the news "You're nearly nude brother have you forgotten your manners?" I ask with bored eyes as he inspects himself "Well I am preparing for marriage, I am not dreading it especially when I become better acquainted with those girls from the nature kingdom..." 

"Of Course, Well I tire of your planned conquests" I yawn as I rise from bed preparing myself for another day as brother goes on and on about the beauty of the girls of the nature kingdom. I finally have to tell him to get dressed which he clumsily does, I like my elder brother, he makes me smile and laugh and obviously he loves me dearly, but his charisma is his only shield. 

Right now he looks like a lost puppy, no doubt his missing home. I am too but I have since learned to adapt too shall I say...

Sudden, unexpected changes.


The guards escort us too an area lower into the castle, which is a shame because the sun is blaring in the sapphire blue sky and the jolly chatter of the common folk always eases my ears. Now I have to cope with the eerie hum of the dungeons of the castle.

When we are all gathered into a large, airy room, a guard delivers a message from Eadred "The ruler of Tiose and his rightful king Eadred the 35th of his name, says you shall train here for further security" he rolls up his piece of parchment and leaves us with a platoon of armed guards lining the walls.

And each other, along with her.

"Children, you are in the dungeons of EverPower, here the old magic of the ten islands will forever remain strong" she croaks her tones of old "As you can see there are ten holes in the ground, each one contains your element and from these you shall learn from each other"

She is right, there is hole of flickering fires that emit no smoke, a hole full of water, a hole full of plants and small insects, one of flying bolts of blue, another with bits of rock and earth, one is coated in steel and other metals, one is spiked with ice. One is empty but emits a strong gale, one that has a mysterious bubble like substance to it and finally a hole of pure blackness.

The sources of our ten elements.

"My children, organisation will be a problem but as I sure you know time is short, old Eadred grows weaker every day and I can see his end soon, a successor must be needed for Tiose's future"

Everyone knows who she is, everyone has heard of her, she is The Almighty Seer. She is almost as famous as the ruler himself. The Seer is an immortal woman draped in her ever present robes of red. No one knows where she came from, or her real name. Other the fact she has the ability to never die by age, daggers may kill her but in 8200 years she has stood neutral to events and survived.

The Seer turns to us as she approaches us, I can only see her wrinkled mouth, her eyes are forever covered as she was blinded (the closest she has ever come to death) She is the living link of Tiose' history the only immortal being in the world. No one knows how or why and she never speaks about how she gained her powers, she simply stands by the ruler's side for their reign and lives through history. 

The Seer is also the only person that can see the future "I am simply here to observe" is her motto or "I have seen from the beginning to the end of Tiose and I cannot interfere, it is my duty"

The Seer walks slowly around us as we remain silent (even the fire boy manages too) "Best of luck to you all" she finally says before departing the eerie dungeon leaving us in it's silence. She can see all our future's she can see what will become, she has seen jolly little boys who she will know will grow up to be the most horrific of tyrants. She could have killed them she could have stopped them.

Yet, she is passive.

With this in mind she knows what I've done, yet she says nothing. She is truly passive of nature and only here to record history and not change it, I can't dwell on the Seer knowing sooner or later someone else shall know as well.

The children of the kingdom scatter into awkward clumps of groups, as Wellitar drapes his arms over my shoulders "Over there brother, the children of fire are by there little hole we should ask them now and get this over with".

I nod in agreement, leading my brother towards things much worse than he could ever suspect.  

The End

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