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I gaze at the black abyss above me that is meant to be the celling expect I can't see it, straining my eyes and focusing I use my element to it's best effect to clear the darkness from my vision. Now I can see the dusty, decorated celling depicting the joining of Tiose by none other than Conjed The Greatest and First Man of Tiose. And now, here we are 8239 years later.

On the verge of extinction.

Mother died in the EndWar, I do not remember her, I was 1 when she died, as a sixteen year old boy controller of the most powerful element in Tiose I seem like a good heir to take the throne when old Eadred dies.

But I won't be becoming heir. Not because I can't, it's simply because I don't want too.

I have better plans.

I stand rigid in the gloomy corridor in front of me lies a door nearly as high as the celling, guards stand beside me with flickering torches and straight faces, the other children are probably weeping, bidding farewell to their parents. I could laugh at them, but I won't.

Unlike other parents father stayed at the castle on the cliffs of Darkera. Where the bare landscape and twisted buildings make our kingdom an unwelcome place to outsiders, not to mention the buzzard like peasants. They live their lives completely unaffected by their king. Father leaves them be to live as they wish.

"You let events unfold and then make your move" he informed me.

That's what I'll do.

Many will think I'm simply a freaky lone child of the dark kingdom. That I am. But they have no idea that I can simply do more than spurt creepy words and fire bolts of darkness at people, no I learnt years ago I could do so much more than that. Father knew and now our plan must be set into motion.

Me and father aren't emotional people. We can't be. I do not want to rule Tiose.

Quite simply, I'm here to secure it's future.


"Enter" A guard finally mutters. The corridors leading to Eadred's private chamber are so massive they would take many others away by their sheer size and feeling of remoteness. Not a single sound can be heard as we head further into the heart of the castle. It grows more and more dark with each passing step.

Others will be eating up the sites they can see. Others will be terrified and clinging to each other in the dark.

But I am the dark. I do not fear.

I surround the others, I am their worst fear, yet what can the dark do to others may I ask?

Figure that out and you'll know what I am. 


Eventually a massive door creaks open and my array of "guards" leave me at this point as I step into the brightly light room. I can see the Throne of Tiose in the centre, a golden throne. Theory had it the skulls of millions were crushed and reduced to ash, eventually these ash piles were smelted in gold from Conjed's armour and the throne was carved into it's current shape. The throne was carried across the ten kingdoms before being bolted to the ground in it's final resting place. This room. 

I can tell the story is true, the skulls of those reduced to ash were people who tried to rip Tiose apart and keep them as ten islands. As long as there is a ruler those that want Tiose seperated will forever be denied that wish, as the ruler sits on them and binds the kingdom together on their throne.

Right now holding Tiose together is a feeble liver spotted man, aged 78. Eadred the 35th is a good but weak willed man. His older brother was the fierce leader of the EndWar, after he died, Eadred was the prop of peace. At 63 when he gained the throne he was feeble then. Now I can see he looks much worse, the pressure of keeping this kingdom together must be getting to the old man.

Eadred wears the crown lopsided on his head, never a good sign.

I walk towards our "ruler", the man who an illusion of peace, a group of guards shield him from us so I know where to stop and face him, as I do I notice the others filing into the room after me, some keep straight faces, some don't. I look up at where Eadred inspects us all with smiles, he looks like a kindly old man.

Not built to last.

Bored with Eadred I turn to see who else other than me has a chance to inherit the throne.

The fire kingdom's are easily pointed out, draped in robes of ruby red, all with reddish, or bronze hair, I spot an abornormally large red headed woman, who is an eyesore to look at An obese ginger man next to her isn't much better as I see him sweat as his beady eyes roll all over the place resting on the other princesses from the other kingdoms.

A teenage boy with bronze hair and green eyes looks preoccupied trying to keep a moving bulge in his pocket still as it emits a faint squeaking sound. The younger boy next to him with curly red hair and icy blue eyes hisses at the boy "Shut that fucking stupid dragon up". Well, he seems like a charmer.

Away from the red robed children of fire, the cooling blue robes of the water kingdom ease my eyes a little. A boy in his late teens or early twenties with jet black hair, sea green eyes, smiles blankly at Eadred puffing his chest out slightly. I can tell he is a bit of show off, although the girls here seem to like staring at him. Behind him lies his shadow of younger boy who cuts a calmer figure.

The green robes of the nature kingdom catch my eye next. All girls, all beautiful, the youngest looks around 2 or 3, while the eldest is a blonde princess of beauty with a daisy in her hair, next to a black haired girl near her age with just as striking eyes. I also spot two frizzy headed twins amongst them.

The brown robes of earth children are what I see next, two boys in their late teens jut out a bit from everyone else as both have to be above six foot seven. One must stand at 7 foot, the younger siblings go ignored behind these giants, as well as beautiful looking girl and an older man with half his face horribly scarred. 

The glaring yellow of the electric kingdom pulls my eye towards them, the strongest and most looking young man seems in his mid to early twenties with dark blonde hair and a beard to match, a curly blonde haired girl hugs his leg. As the other siblings seem to clump together much closer than any of the other families. They must be a close knit family.

The deep purple robes of the psychic kingdom aren't too eye catching and neither are the children the two eldest are a lanky man and woman with sullen pale faces. Two girls behind them with bright hair and light eyes seem stick out a bit as I notice two younger boys behind them. Nothing too interesting on first site but we shall see if that changes.

The plain white robes of the air kingdom shine amongst the black here, a solitary figure with skin as white as his robe with a sharply contrasting black beard, hair and eyes. The man looks to the floor, not paying attention to anyone around him, either his shy or somewhat bothered by something.

The plain grey, or silver robes of the steel kingdom wouldn't catch my eye if there wasn't a man dressed in some sort of silver wig, with seemingly golden eyes that look very foolish indeed, as well as his posture with his nose high up into the air. He doesn't seem aware the others are all gawping at him, or that a girl next to him (who is normal looking, to my shock) looks like she wants to evaporate on the spot.

I gaze at the last kingdom, the turquoise robes of the Ice Kingdom, two similar looking girls with white hair stand with blank faces, gazing up at Eadred one is fairly old, the other looks fairly young, with bright red cheeks and big grey eyes. 

And me. Draped in the black robes of the dark kingdom, let them stare, let them assume, I am not what I appear to be. Whatever thoughts they are developing are wrong.

We are all here. Eadred opens his mouth.

The Game for this Throne beings. 

The End

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