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I am busy stroking the tail of a glamorous peacock, admiring the lavish colours of the bird, as it stands stiffly. These peacocks are well trained and I was given so much when the well-wishers came to our steel coated castle. Built on a jutting rock surrounded by a large moat, I can say we are pretty secure. 

However right now, me, mother and my annoying Sister Stelly are cramped into a comfy carriage as we travel towards the capital, I smile dreamily at myself as I inspect my appearance in a handheld mirror. Whitish skin, the golden painted steel implanted into my eyes (being a controller of steel, I can change my appearance without any pain or side effects, as long as it involves Steel of course). As I gaze at my gleaming golden eyes I flick at my long silver hair.

Gold and silver, I am a winner. I will rule Tiose and ensure a dignified reign. 

My brattish younger sister Stelly (who is acting all melodramatic by pretending to be squashed by a peacock) sees me flicking my hair and inspecting my endless jewellery and fine robes and grunts "Brother, you know most men don't care about appearances" she finally utters.

"I am not most men dear sister, I am the future king of Tiose" I say simply.

"Yeah, in your dreams" she says spitefully.

"STELLY!" My mother roars who is next to me, she also knows how to present herself on such an occasion. With her fine golden wig and jewellery, coated in make up which she tried to (an unsuccessful try) to get onto my plain looking 12 year old sister. With her boring black eyes and dull brown hairs. Draped in rags of common brown.

My sister's eyes narrow in anger, she is just jealous of me that's all. Yet as her bushy eyebrows furrow (seriously she should have had them plucked at her age, it's like looking at two hairy slugs that disgust my stomach) she finally mutters "But Mum..." she protests.

"I won't hear it Stelly, your brother is presenting himself like a King. Whereas you bring shame on our family in your rags!" she screams as she pulls out her favourite fan and begins to fan herself. "Yeah, but there's a large difference between looking like a king and actually being one" she argues.

"Why has this come up now sister" I ask in boredom, the raving girl is always nagging me or mother to act more regal or serious, mother is queen regnant and I am King of the Steel Kingdom after father died of an existing condition he obtained from the EndWar. Stelly was only one when he died, I was 10. I don't remember father much, (he wasn't around a lot) I remember he had black hair and smelt damp like Autumn leaves.

Back in the present my sister answers my question "Metamacha, I'm concerned for you at our castle it's all sunshine and rainbows but those other guys might tear you apart" she says her eyes as wide as saucepans I simply laugh at her. "Do not fear for me Sister, those brute's won't know what hit them" I say with my head in the air.

"What are you going to do brother? Smother them in jewellery?" she asks sarcastically as I shake my head, such a foolish girl. "In case you are forgetting sister I am a controller of Steel, I can withstand Fire's and Water's and don't even get my started on Earth..."

At this point our carriage draws to a stop, stopping my sentence, as my words die my sister speaks up "Well show me what you're going to do then brother?"

I smile and focus as it does a small fork that Stelly has in her rags shoots out of her clothes and flies towards me. I hold it and smirk at her "Quite impressive, don't you think?" I say beaming.

She buries her face in her hands. She must now realise how wrong she is.

"My powerful little prince!" My mother says observing the fork and then me reaching out to kiss my forehead which I accept "Yes, but It's king remember, not a lowly prince" I say scoffing. "Yes, of course my dear my mighty king!" She exclaims as she pulls me in for a mighty hug.

"I think I'm going to puke" Stelly says.

"Well If you're not happy sister you go can ride at the back of our procession where the butchers and peasants are located, you'll fit in nicely with the rags you are wearing" I state as I giggle and mother follows my lead. "I think I'll be covered in feathers before that happens" she moans before continuing "Can you least move one of these peacocks outside? I can't move in here..." 

"We are not moving them!" I bellow, doesn't she understand "These 5 peacocks are the only 5 I have!" I explain to my slow witted sister. "Only 5" she responds. "Yeah, other than them the only thing I like are the lemon cakes and the..." I begin.

The door to the carriage opens, our most royal knight Ser Stelard Of Steel stands there in his shining armour, a fresh young knight like me at 22 years of age "It seems we have a spot of bother M'lady" he says timidly to my mother, she looks outside at the murky road to the kingdom (eww, mud in general is everywhere) she doesn't get out of the carriage to observe the commotion instead she asks "What's wrong?"

The knight eyes the muddy floor "M'lady there has been an attack on the air kingdom's castle, only their son survives the massacre..."

"And how does this affect us?!" I interrupt as I help myself to more lemon cakes, gobbling them down from my ring filled fingers. Stelly glares at me for some reason as I eat without a care in the world. Ser Stelard turns to face me "We have just joined with the procession from the air kingdom and we worry for the young king's life. Considering he was attacked, we fear this may happen again" 

"And!?" I growl rather impatiently, can this carriage just move again I have a kingdom awaiting my presence.

"The most respected Lord's along with myself agreed that he could travel with you. Hence this carriage would be more protected with the three of you children inside" he explains.

"Oh yes, let the poor boy inside" my mother says tenderly as Ser Stelard bows to her "Yes M'lady" he obeys as a procession of ruddy faced men walk forward, all with disgusting black beards and dirty skin. Ugh, I can imagine the fleas on them, "I hope his not a flea ridden 5 year old with endless flow of snot" I complain aloud, as my golden eyes search for the boy.

But for some reason a pale faced man thinks it's okay to step into our carriage. Our carriage! My carriage! "Excuse me Peasant!" I shout as I start to rise "This is reserved for the King of the Air Kingdom...!" 

"M'lord this is the King Alidraine of the air kingdom"

I sit down and blink at the man in shock, for one I was expecting a child. And for two he lacks common hygiene completely and is dressed in rags like my sister and stinking of unimaginable smells. His eyes are a dull black as is his hair and beard.

"Well the King could at least clean himself" I snap not apologising for my outburst. Why should I? He comes into my carriage in this state and now he doesn't even have the decency to talk to me. Oh and look his brought mud into the carriage, what a inhuman pig.

The "King" Of the Air Kingdom sits himself next to Stelly. He has cracked blood on his fingers (seriously do they wash themselves with air and nothing else?) as he gazes out of the window. The carriage doors are closed and with a jolt the horses pull us forward towards the capital.

Alidraine moves his foot slightly, hitting one of my peacocks it caws and runs across the carriage "Watch it! You're disturbing my peacocks!" I shout angrily, at this he finally has the common decency to look at me and stutter "S-sorry" as he eyes fly to the window once again. "You better be" I conclude curtly reaching for another cake before this man can.

The man is so quiet it's annoying, the whole mood in the carriage changes after an hour or two of having him just not moving or saying anything. (He doesn't seem to blink which is weird) eventually mother turns to him "So Alidraine, it must have been very difficult to watch your family... be taken from you" she seems to whisper gently.

"It was" Alidraine responds his eyes still on the trees on the road. 

"Well once your at the capital you can forget about all that and get yourself cleaned up" I state, gazing at the strange man (this is competition? This is cringe-worthy) "Metamacha cleaning him up doesn't make you his knight in shining armour" Stelly says eventually, Alidraine seems to smile at her, well peasants think alike.

"Well I know I'll be everybody's knight in shining armour when I'm king!" I huff.

"Yeah, but a knight in shining armour is a man who has never had his metal truly tested" Stelly mutters. 

She is so wrong about everything.

The End

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