One Flew Over The Cuckoo's CastleMature


My son is dead.

I can't stop gazing at his body, his black hair stuck to his pale face. His eyes closed, his body still. The shadows of the candles creating dancing shadows across his peaceful little face. I sigh and wipe away a tear that wouldn't exist in public.

Alidraine was always a sickly little boy. But my 11 year old boy seemed so healthy for the past week. When the well wishers came up our castle nestled in the highest mountains in Tiose in their hundreds he seemed so jolly. His blue eyes lighting like the sky above us. We are concealed above the clouds in our kingdom.

But we are located so remotely that the air kingdom has had difficulty with heirs. My wife had to be shipped to me as part of a political marriage, she is 20 years my senior and is no longer able to bear the children I need. I wipe my hands through of my own black hair my son got from me.

The last born son from the air kingdom is gone. Taken by a sudden sickness a week before he was meant to arrive in the capital. When this gets out the air kingdom is as good as gone. My only remaining child is my 2 year old daughter Wishamere and she cannot rule Tiose. If she also dies, then the air kingdom has no heir.

We are finished. Me, My wife and my daughter are the final three controllers of air. 

My wife enters the room still weeping into her shaking hands. I comfort her by offering my arms to her which she accepts as she shudders in her fresh grief. "Who did you inform" I mutter sadly as she rests her head on my shoulder "Grenn, Hilgraor, Ginti, Regar, a few maids overheard as well as a few servants" she says sobbing.

I simply nod in response.

"He was going to be a great king, look at him my handsome prince" My wife says as she dares to gaze at her deceased son before breaking down once again. I sigh as I mutter "He was a sickly child, we can't delude ourselves into thinking he would powerful" I utter.

"He would have been!" My wife snaps turning on me, hatred in her green eyes as she glares at me, "He was our little boy! And in the hour of his death you call him a weak king!?" she stresses on the word "Weak" as silence engulfs us once again. The only sounds is that of the high winds blowing through the castle walls, as an castle seems to whistle with the wind.

Finally I say "We have to watch Wishamere from this day forwards, we can't allow her to die like her brother" I state. I was terrified one of my children would die before me and now that has happened a numb feeling has clogged my brain. Only misery fills my body and leaks into the air surrounding me, as I hang my head low and wallow in grief.

"They do not think highly of female heirs and she has no chance to rule Tiose" my wife utters sadly "She will just have to marry a good man to keep the family intact" I say, me and my wife must face the sad truth and the reality of the situation. For years we deluded ourselves into thinking our sickly boy would rule Tiose.

But we babied him and in a way this made him weaker.

"It's death itself that always brings all the answers". My father used to tell me.

As I stroke my wife's fading blonde hairs I notice an unnatural silence in the castle. Usually over the wind I can hear the clunk of metal from our knights or the footsteps of our servants. Right now I hear nothing but the wind.

"Is it just me, or has it gone quiet?" I ask my wife.

She strains her ears, she notices it too, as her green eyes widen in suspicion, she lifts herself from my chest and walks towards the door to check the situation. She opens the door and the crossbow enters her neck.

I watch it occur in a vivid, dreamlike state, my wife retches as she tries to pull the black bolt from her neck. Choking and coughing up copper coloured blood she retches and chokes, blood spurting from her neck and mouth as she gags on the floor like a fish on the land, before her eyes go still and empty.

My wife and child lie dead. I'm standing backing away from the door but I don't feel my muscles move. All I know is that a group of dirty, black toothed peasant men are charging at me, with pitchforks, knives, and crossbows. I draw my hands back and unleash my greatest blast of air I have ever released in my life. I don't realise this of course, I'm still numb.

The men are blown back like strands of grass, as they fall on top of each other. In alarm I use the air around me to lift myself up, using this force I bellow a command as the door to my side bursts open. I direct myself and soar away from the threat. Only to find more peasants awaiting me, bolts already fly through the air.

The gust of air I unleash barely flings them from my flesh, the men go toppling over each other once again. I have no idea what is going on. Or who these men are. Right now it truly is a flight or fight situation. But first I have to get to my daughter. They killed my wife, they want to kill me. I don't know who these people are but I know they want us dead.

I shoot through the corridors desperate to reach my little girl. Her door is still shut, this gives me hope with a burst of extra air the door flies off it's hinges and I sprint in

"WISHAMERE...!" I begin before I freeze on the spot.

My little girl is dead. The peasants have dragged her from her bed and silt her throat. One of the beasts now holds her bloodied head to his crotch as he prepares to lower his trousers.


I NeVeR KIlLeD sOmEoNe wiTh aIr BEfOrE

I NeVeR KIlLeD sOmEoNe wiTh aIr BEfOrE

I NeVeR KIlLeD sOmEoNe wiTh aIr BEfOrE

They come to get me a week later.

I NeVeR KIlLeD sOmEoNe wiTh aIr BEfOrE

 I NeVeR KIlLeD sOmEoNe wiTh aIr BEfOrE

 I NeVeR KIlLeD sOmEoNe wiTh aIr BEfOrE

They gasp when they find every inch of the castle covered in the message I carved into every wall.

I NeVeR KIlLeD sOmEoNe wiTh aIr BEfOrE

I NeVeR KIlLeD sOmEoNe wiTh aIr BEfOrE

I NeVeR KIlLeD sOmEoNe wiTh aIr BEfOrE

They vomit when they see hundreds of torn up bodies. Blown up from the inside with the oxygen I forced down their throats until they popped like human watermelons.

I never killed someone with air before.

Servants, peasants, maids, everyone in the castle lies dead. All dead in my rage.

They find me in my room, drenched in dried blood, bones sticking out from under my skin, my fingernails bloody and scrubbed raw. My hair unkempt, a bushy black beard beginning to grow that matches my emotionless black eyes. I twitch, still remembering the night my family died. My son from sickness. My wife and daughter murdered.

"Y-y-your... grace, is it you?" A squire asked confused.

I turn to him. The air kingdom is a remote area, anyone that knew anything about our family lies dead in my massacre. The world took my whole family from me in one night.

It's enough to warrant a bloodbath in my opinion.

"I killed them they killed my father, my mother and my sister" I say sadly.

The squire pales I can see an clump of armed knights behind him, he gulps and says "The kingdom shall be informed of the tragedy but I see that the last son of the air kingdom survives, Mr..." 

"Alidraine" I reply taking my son's name. No one knew us. I am 26 years of age. A young father. Children going to the capital will be older than me, no one knows I had a 11 year old son that died.

As a father I died a week ago.

Whoever I was died a week ago. My past name. My past life. My past interests, wives or children they do not matter. The air kingdom must survive and I'm all that's left of it, I must live on and avenge my family, (and if possible) rule Tiose.

They instruct me the carriage will be leaving in twenty minutes for the capital. I nod and follow them. No doubt they fear me. I am mad. I know I am mad.

Alidraine's father never killed someone with air before 


I am Alidraine.

The End

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