A Spark Between SiblingsMature


I take my seat at the rounded table next to my sister Falusio for whom I am close too. She smiles as I seat myself. As I gaze upon the luxurious foods laid in front of me, she bends to whisper into my ear...

"NO TALKING AT THE TABLE!" A servant barks. Falusio jumps away from me, startled as she stares down at her food. I sigh, whenever our parents come back to this grim atmosphere encompasses the whole of our tiny castle in the depths of the Malvin Marshes. Mostly marshland is not the place you'd expect to find the electric section of the kingdom.

But you can't expect to make a land electric. And our towns and cities are thriving as we pave over the marshes and our murky grey hubs are spots on the green land. They are needed to help generate endless electricity in this section. We have the tallest towers in the kingdom to draw bolts of lightning for power. Our's is an advanced element. While other's stick to torches we choose glowing bulbs.

Many would stereotype us as the least magical element. But they forget that electricity is an old an element as any other. In our veins and muscles we can feel that impulses that keep our muscles moving. Bolts of lightning are said to be the most powerful sources of energy in Tiose. Us controllers are much more powerful than given credit for.

Just because we harness and exploit our element to fulfil a growing population it is seen as a "New" and therefore "Weak" power. We are misunderstood that's all. I am misunderstood, my fascination my own element has left to spend hours bolted into my room experimenting on what I can do with my powers.

What else are you supposed to do when your parents confine you to one castle for the whole of your life?

I have never seen much of the outside world, (other than the odd venture to an shoddy city, mostly in a carriage, gazing through the glass) our parents insist we stay here. Why? Because they are cruel. That's all there is too it. 

My father bursts into the room as expected. An old fat man with black teeth and black eyes he looks around and let's out a barking laugh at his 6 children who sit stiffly in his presence. "Well y'ave grown ay ya bastards!" he yells before laughing in his puffy voice. Mother steps in. Well the latest "mother" this is his 16th wife. She looks young and cold hearted (just judging by her glare). I guess you have to be to cope with him.

"AH! OFF TO THE CAPITAL IN TWO WEEKS! YOU MIGHT GET TO FUCK A GIRL SHAKAM!" He says as he seats himself, I bristle slightly at the insult but I cannot let it affect me, he wants to taunt me for being a virgin. Yet on his orders he ordered no women around me. He Ordered the servants in the castle to be cruel and unresponsive to me, too bad once he leaves the castle no one was obeys his orders.

He tucks into a large chicken leg, chomping loudly as he sprays chunks of chicken everywhere, his wife seats next to him, but doesn't touch a single piece of food. I can hardly blame her. Eventually he looks up and curses "FUCKING HELL DID I ORDER YOU'RE TONGUES TO BE CUT OUT! With this my 7 year old sister Litunder (who is sitting closest him) receives a stinging smack that sends her sliding to the floor.

"WELL!?" He demands "DID I RAISE YOU LIKE THAT!? SPEAK UP CHILD!" He spits on her. Now I have to truly admire my sister for keeping a completely calm face through his obscene rage. "Yes, father I do apologise If I have upset you in any manner"  she mutters before seating herself once again.

"ATTA GOOD BITCH! YOU CAN HANDLE A NICE SMACK AND NOT FLINCH JUST THE WAY I RAISED YOU!" He bellows before he laughs to himself again. Litunder has spent her whole life preparing and dealing with father's rage's so even though half her face is bleeding right now, My red headed 7 year old sister doesn't so much so as flinch. But I can barely conceal my anger.

"WHAT ABOUT YOU ELARICK! HUH!? YOU FUCKED ANY WHORES YET!?" My father demands of my 24 year old brother. "No, father" he answers trying to shield his shiny maple eyes with strands of his dark blonde hair. Elarick is young and full of life when father is not around when he is... he transforms into this mumbling wreck. "IN THE FUCKING TEN KINGDOMS THIS NOT THE WAY I RAISED YOU!" He shouts.

I want to tell him to stop shouting.

I want to tell him to stop saying "How I raised you" since he hasn't been around 99% of the time. No he goes around fucking whores, ruling with terror over our kingdom and eating and eating... a full blown tyrant who locks his kids up and taunts them to no end, for no logical reason other than his own sick sense of amusement. 

"FALUSIO! THINK FAST!" He shouts, Falusio doesn't even have time to look up before she is hit by a massive bolt of blue electricity, that superheats the air around me, she yelps in pain and is thrown backwards where she sizzles on the wall. Squashed like a fly, as blood and smoke emit from her form.

Father laughs at his own actions, I rise to help my sister before he shouts "WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?" I have no time to respond before a bolt strikes me down and I can only feel my own blood raining down from my ears and smell my own sickly flesh. Looking up through blurry eyes I see a horrific site. 

My father beating my sister to a bloody pulp.

I try to rise but hands hold me down. Small hands. My recently turned 5 year old brother Bolent. A happy child when father isn't here, now that he is he conceals his sobs the best he can "Father says not to rise, and not to interfere or else he'll beat you and sister even more" he states.


It goes on and on. I'm 33. Grown men do not cry. But I shed a tear.


The horror ends when father drags his new wife away, hopefully that will be the last we ever see of him. As we go to capital in a few weeks. Never the less he left his mark, Litunder patched her wounds herself. Father then tried striking Bolent and Elarick and Curlsent (my 12 year old sister) with bolts to see if they'd cry. Bolent and Curlsent did and they suffered a beating.

Right now Elarick is attending to them. The servants have fled in terror (when my father wasn't looking) and and have so far not come to check up on us until they are sure the coast is clear. (Father can beat but not kill us as for them...) I stand watching my siblings.

"Are you okay?" I ask approaching them, our main hall in the castle feels strangely empty and peaceful in the absence of so many (but mainly father) and our bulbs give the room a very orange tinge to it. Elarick looks up at me with steady eyes "They'll be okay" he says, his hugging Curlsent and Bolent to his chest with one muscled bare arm. In his strong grip Curlsent and Bolent sob into his chest. As he strokes their hair muttering "His gone, his gone, it will be fine..." 

Litunder has gone off to read her books no doubt. I admire how unfazed she is by events.

And I know Falusio has fled to her room. I silently leave the main hall and track her down passing my own room as I do. Looking into it I can still see the corpse laid out on the table. The one I've been dissecting lately, I mean have to try and figure out how electricity works in the body. By investigating corpses.

Weird isn't it? You think I'm mad. Well think of it like this I could be cutting up people who were alive. Like father. I am not father. No matter how strange I am. I know the servants whisper about me in fear. They fear the madness in my father is brewing in me. I shall prove them wrong. All of them.

I reach my sister's room and there she is. Caked in fresh red blood, her curly blonde hair stained a crimson red as she wipes away the tears and snot from her face, I enter and sit myself next to her. I myself I am such a shape too, as my wavy brown locks are stained a crimson colour and blood is caked in clumps on my face.

She looks up at me, her aqua blue gaze meets my calming brown one. I don't speak instead I simply copy Elarick and use my arm to pull her too my chest, she sobs on trying to clean the blood from her face. She is only 16, why does she have to endure this?

"His gone sister, If he comes back again we'll run away, I swear it" I whisper to her. "Or one of us will rule Tiose and our first rule will be to have our father executed and have one of our siblings run the kingdom for us... hey, come on. We'd like that" I say smiling She eventually looks up at me "I can't rule Shakam, I just can't. Father says I'm not strong enough..."

"None of us are apparently, but if we try you never know" I say smiling as I think about an ideal world where I rule Tiose. But then again I must face reality "But no matter what happens we stick together"

She looks up at me, as I tenderly wipe blood off my face she reaches a shaking pale hand to my face and wipes the blood from it also. For a while we stay that gazing into each other's eyes lost for words as I feel my breath get deeper and I lean into her face. "No matter what happens sister, me and you will stay together" and we embrace for a deep kiss.

I'm 33, she is 16.

We are brother and sister.

I know it's fucked up on every level. But we are all we have for each other. Father permits us from seeing anyone else. My sister is the only person I truly love and she truly loves me back. We may be siblings but we have each other and no one else (other than our siblings who may suffer like us but do not share our strong connection) understand how we suffer.

So judge me all you want.


The End

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