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"Spartou my dearest daughter, I must confess something" I say,extending my broad chest as I approach her, my black eyes are locked on her, she looks up at me. "I have always had forbidden feelings towards you" I say as I slowly unbutton my robes, the grey hairs uncurling as they reveal themselves to my daughter... my beloved daughter..." 

"But what about mother?" Spartou says backing away from, her face white as a sheet as she gazes at me, her black eyes widened in shock at what I am doing. "I don't care about your mother Spartou, she is old, she can provide me no more children whereas you can..." I smile as saliva escapes from my cracked lips...

"You are young, and your body is fertile" I say as I approach her, my meaty hands outstretched, a goofy grin on my face, MY goofy grin, Spartou mutters "Wait a minute" and her brows furrow in concentration as she gasps.

"INRENITY!" She screams in rage.

"Ssh, sweet daughter, do not call your sister, it is me your father..."


I sigh, and focusing I release myself from father's flesh as my natural body materializes in front of me, I smile as bright auburn hair tumbles down my shoulders and my bright green eyes come back into focus, as I stare at the floor at father's crouched form... Spartou stares at me in rage.

"Father is going to kill you! But not before I do!" She screams flinging herself across the room at me, grabbing a handful of my auburn locks she tugs against them as I fall to the stone floor, she continues to tug and throw punches at me with her spare hand.

"Calm down sister! And get a sense of humour!" I cry half in pain and half laughing as she bellows a curse at me. Such a fine lady.

A shadow falls over both of us as Spartou stops tugging at my hair, I look up and see my serious yet red faced father, glaring at me with his small black eyes "Spartou get off your sister" he instructs coldly. My older sister instantly obeys his order as she stands by the stone wall. I continue to smile and use a small finger to twirl my hair.

"What's wrong Daddy?" I say with a pout giving him my best doe shaped eyes.

"You know what's wrong Inrenity, for one you possessed my body and secondly you imply this disgusting incest!" he bellows. Father is grouchy but his a big softie deep down he loves us all really, with this in mind I say (batting my eyelashes for extra effect) "I'm just having a bit of fun father, Spartou could have her frown turned upside down" I muse.

Father doesn't talk. Oh dear. Never a good sign.

"When are you going to start taking your power seriously?" He tells me as he pulls his robe back on him with all his might, in response I stand up too, knowing I don't want to look like I'm cowering on the floor "I take my power very seriously, we need to seriously interject a sense of fun here or I might die of boredom" I explain.

Spartou rolls her eyes as she shrieks "That was a mean prank! Father! Punish her! Subdue her powers!" She demands of him, my father sighs and his hands swiftly cut through the air. Being the most powerful controller of psychic there is in this kingdom. His power is stopping our powers when they get too out of control.

"Aw father" I moan.

"You need to learn to take your power seriously Inrenity, in a week you'll be off to the capital and you cannot fool around there" he tells me sternly "And jokes of incest are-not-funny!" He emphasises each word as I struggle to hold back the laughter, "But father! We may have to marry our cousins soon, that's a form of incest, not to mention Ulred The 15th had sex with seven of his daughters to produce more children, so really it's quite common when you..." 

"ENOUGH!" My father shouts as Spartou sets her loathsome glare onto me "Oh lighten up you miserable bat" I think in my head before father speaks next "Inrenity I want you to stay your room and think about what you've done" he instructs me "And apologise to your sister" he adds.

I mutter a sour "Sorry" to Spartou and turn to my father "I'll go father, sorry If I acted out of order" this gets him as he smiles back at me and mutters in my ear "Nice try, now get to your room" he says. Scowling I depart from Spartou's room and proceed towards my own.

"It's only a bit of fun" I think to myself as I walk through the gloomy corridors, the torches hung on the walls almost burnt out due to the cold gusts that funnel themselves through these corridors. The servants in the castle scurry past me with their head hung low, and air about them that suggest their off to the gallows.

"Go take a job in the dark kingdom" I think as I past them skipping. This steep gothic grey castle nestled in the dark, Darlane mountain range in the most eastern corner of our landmass Tiose has a naturally gloomy aura to it. So that's why us psychics are here apparently, because our element is a dark and mysterious force. So for some reason the people have to be the same.

I walk along the corridors approaching my own room. I know I'm an immature 15 year old girl. But c'mon I'm not causing trouble with my powers, I just like a joke sometimes. Those that can control the psychic element can have layers of different powers. For instance I have the primary ability to possess other people. When it occurs my flesh moulds into the possessed host as my body merges into there's.

No, there isn't a Inrenity shaped blob in their skin. I possess everything, their mind, muscles, veins, mouth, eyes, actions... as soon as my body disconnects with the host they regain there mind and body. When I possess them there souls are subsided by me... well I dunno too much (I don't listen to the septons warble on) but basically if I were to possess you. It would be like falling asleep and when you'd wake up in whatever situation I left you in.

Fear me indeed.

I pull my robes as another cold wind blows through the corridors, my clothes even remain intact when I disconnect from my host. Whereas my hosts haven't usually been so lucky. Since I control physic I can rarely control my siblings or parents, only if there asleep and their power is diminished can I achieve it. (Like with father today) however I can't physically harm them. (Like making them stab themselves or jump out of a window)

No one of the same element can hurt each other. That's a golden rule of Tiose.

Besides most of the servants know my goofy grin and nature, and know when I've possessed someone, I don't mean bad by it I just like to joke around like I said. Even now I'm so bored I'm going over all the basic rules of the psychic kingdom in my head...

As I walk along I stop by Gryfillar's door. The sister I actually get on with, I think about telling her about what I did. But no doubt she'll find out anyway come this time tomorrow morning, with that in mind I walk on to my own room.

So to break it down for you. There is father and mother (there alright) and then I like the group my siblings.

Evepouride and Spartou the miserable, long faced eldest siblings. Evepouride can create force-fields, he is pretty good at it. Whereas Spartou can read minds when she concentrates (hence how she able to rat me out in dad's body) 

Then there's me and Gryfillar, the happy middle sisters. I can possess bodies, whereas Gryfillar can move objects with her mind. She finds her power quite dull in all honesty I'd have to agree with her.

And Scythide and Phonenic the baby brothers. Scythide can kill anyone he seriously hates with a single touch (you'd be surprised how useless his power actually is, he can't kill us and has to wear gloves most of the time to avoid killing servants out of rage over a lost toy) whereas Phonenic can apparently speak to the deceased. (So he claims, I just think he has imaginary friends) 

Parewon deserves a mention as he is my recently born baby brother. (Yeah I lied about mum being too old to have children, shame Spartou didn't pick up on the lie then) 

One in seven children all with awesome unique powers. Who on earth made the stereotype we were miserable, brooding sods shut away in the mountains? Once I get the capital I know I'm going to have some fun possessing some other people's bodies. I might learn the elements faster that way.

And as for becoming ruler?

I smile to myself as I enter my room. Do I want to lead Tiose?


The End

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