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"I am Fisrickle, the most regal, uptight ass in the ten kingdoms"

"No, you're doing it wrong Punty, It's more like this..." my massive brute of a brother Kicwichi says as he pulls a long face and speaks in a nasally tone "Hell-O! I am Fizzzz-Riky-L of ze Ten Kingdoms and ze Lord Master of the universe because I can move big rocks..." Puntapull and Lonstrone collapse to the floor in fits of laughter.

Before they can speak again a massive slab of the cavern above collapses onto of them with a satisfying splat, they didn't even see it coming. 

I smile and step forward smug with myself. How dare my two brothers and sister mock me? Me! The certain future king of the Tiose. Me! The one that doesn't have to prance around like a dancer to get earth to move, or whip my hands through the air.

There are very common rules to being a controller, most controllers need to wave their hands to direct the elements in the direction they want them to go. Either that or you need to set your mind on what you want the material to do and it should work if your will is strong enough. Yet this comes at the cost of taking up a lot of bodily energy and you should be sweating through layers if you can accomplish this.

I just did. I am not sweating.

Because I am better trained than all my younger siblings, the reason they mock me is because they are jealous. Are because at the ceremony yesterday the commoners awarded me all the gifts of good virtue. Whereas they got a shared giant earthworm as a gift.

These earthworms are as common as muck in the earth kingdom. They are slimy pieces of equipment used to eat new passages and tunnels deeper into the earth to house the growing population here. Many wild Earthworms lie hundreds of meters into the earth even out of the reach of the most powerful of earth controllers.

Hence their activties do not affect us in the surface, beneath the earthworms lie more demonic creatures of the earth. One powerful king once dug so deep into the earth the land almost cracked as creatures of a demonic origin from the darkest depths of the earth rose and massacred thousands. Even after the hole had been filled the land shook for years afterwards.

The message of the story? You shouldn't dig to deep as my siblings learn with me.

"FIZZY! GLAD TO SEE YOU BRO!" Puntapull bellows cracking a hole in the 10 foot thick gravel as he punches his way to the surface with Lonstrone and Kicwichi trailing him. Another rule of being a controller, you can never be killed by an attack from your own element. The fibres of the element are stitched into your skin, you can't kill earth with earth. Our bodies are filled with magic of old that prevent that.

Yet my siblings are still covered in bruises and cuts as I would have hoped. They can still be damaged (to a minimal extent) by my attacks, however I am very powerful anyhow, so my attacks always pack a punch.

"We were just speaking the truth Fizzy" Kicwichi says. He and Puntapull are giant brutes of brothers who are both in their late teens. Lonstrone is even more of a disgrace a good looking girl of 15, normally sized, yet she flounders around with her disgraceful brothers.

"It is Fisrickle, speak more formally" I snap as I begin tear a giant boulder from the earth without even looking at it and begin to spin it through the air. "Yeah, we were just thinking you could let your hair down" Puntapull says in his thick voice that does my head in "A new ruler of Tiose is needed! And you want me to fuck whores and drink myself to death with you two!" I snap angrily.

"Speak more formally Brother" Kicwichi says tutting.

I force the boulder towards him, as he goes splat against the cavern wall, Lonstrone looks at me with a raised eyebrow "We are just worried about you, father is worried, you spend all day down these Caverns and that you need to learn involve yourself more with people if you are to be a good leader".

I did. I was young and handsome once. Until half of my face was scarred, until I saw two wives of mine die in the EndWar. Now a ravaged man of 35, I have nothing left to lose and everything to gain. All my attention is fixated on becoming the new ruler of Tiose. 

"You need not worry sister, worry about yourself" I say as a piece of earth falls directly from the celling, she lifts her hands and resists it for a few seconds before I concentrate on wanting her squashed under the slab of blackish earth and SLAM! She is squashed.

The smoke and derbies is clogging my vision and smell now, not that I care, I'm getting better at controlling earth, my powers are improving. That's all that matters.

"I swear these rocks are going up your arse Fisrickle, you so damn prickly all the time!" Puntapull shouts at me, to me his sentence doesn't even make any sense. I can sense him preparing to chuck some sort of rock at me, at 7 foot 2 he thinks he is it.

"You need some sensed knocked into you" Puntapull tells me sadly.

"Size doesn't matter" I say calmly as the boulder soars towards me.

"In my case it does" he smirks referring to his manhood. I tut in disgust. Pig.

I let the boulder get close before I halt it a centimetre behind me, I can feel Puntapull's force behind it. It's pathetic.

"In my case it doesn't" I reply before I launch the boulder back at him.

There is a crash as he is flattened along the cavern wall.

"Now get out! And tell father to stop worrying!" I bellow.

I sense the three of them rise, disgruntled and moaning "C'mon let's go find Boulderray and Stilemiller, they like to play down here" Lonstrone says as my three siblings set off to find my two youngest siblings. At 10 and 7 there as idiotic as children can be.

I spend a short while chipped bits of earth next to me, aiming for perfection. That's what I need. I don't notice he is watching me until he shouts "What happened here!?"

My brother Roreek, at 12 he is the outcast non- entity of the family, "Puntapull happened" I snarl before chucking a slab of earth at my brother. He is like a twig he goes down snapping at rises with his head bleeding "Why did you do that!?" he snaps holding his bleeding head.

"I want to be alone brother, now please leave before you get another face full of earth" I warn him.

"Father sent me..." He begins.

"And I sent you back" I snap. Roreek is usually confined to the castle above us, He has no chance of becoming the new ruler when we leave father for the capital in a few weeks.

Roreek trudges off slowly, however before he leaves he does utter "You know if you look around you, you'll see the dangers of power"

"Get-out!" I growl.

He does so. It's only then I flinch when I see I have trashed this smooth carven into a jagged smoking mess.

"It was their fault, not mine, they made me mad" I say, my brothers, my sister, the world for taking away my innocence, my two wives, my chance of happiness.

"I will be ruler" I say. That's all there is to it. 

The End

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