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"My dear sister, It does interest me to ask you what you made of today's suitor's"

I giggle and turn a shade of Rosy red as I place a smooth finger to my plum cheeks before I answer. "Florana, I can't allow myself to marry a commoner, no matter how gallant they are" I muse while playing with strands of my long black hair and bat my leaf green eyes. 

My older sister Florana stares back at me with her thick blonde locks and bright turquoise eyes, I am be beautiful, but she is in an unearthly league compared to me. All my life I have been second best to Florana. 

I hate the bitch.

"Well personally I adored the Dejik Of Dangers, he had such beautiful eyes and Herald The Bard sang me that amazing song, both were handsome, gallant and good of will I would like to marry one of them" she says wishfully.

Or fuck them like the whore she is.

"Sweet sister there will be royals just like those commoners who will be just as handsome and as gallant as Dejik and Harold, we love many men but can only honour one" I remind her, that was my mother's phrase to us. "I suppose you are right Roselly" Florana tells me.

I am always right.

We are sitting perched up in our beds, (as we share the same bedchamber) in a few weeks time we shall be sent to capital to possibly inherit the throne from the current monarch that's if we can master the 10 elements. To wish us good luck the commoners of the nature kingdom gathered today to give me and my sisters tokens of good virtue.

"I suppose you are right" Florana repeats her comment as she can see I am daydreaming. This brings me back down to earth as I smile at her, my sister is 21 and I am 18. She claims she is a pure innocent virgin and the people admire her generosity and charitable nature as well as (obviously) her beauty. I am the same on the surface, I am just as kind and virtuous.

But I am second eldest.

But I am the second most beautiful

I will always live the shadow of my elder sister. Just a pretty object for male lords to stare at and... touch. I can't handle living like that, I cannot. Mother has raised all 7 of us since father's death four years ago. (He died on natural causes, but the loss was hard on us all) since then Mother has ruled the kingdom perfectly. 

I may be a woman. But I will not submit to a husband. I have a chance, and I will rule Tiose. I will restore Tiose.

"I hear there are planned marriages between us and some of the male children from the other kingdoms" Florana obviously off in her fairy tale land of gorgeous princes and happily ever after's "Their family, they are cousins or some sort of close relation, we've resorted to this disgusting inbreeding to keep our family going" I think in disgust.

However I say the opposite. I must play the part to win the part.

"Indeed I do hear the eldest son of the water kingdom is very handsome and that there are several handsome male children in the earth kingdom". My sister is in La La Land now, she waves her hands as a bunch of flowers from the cold night are ripped from their roots and brought towards my sister who starts stroking at a floating daisy.

"I do hope true love awaits us sister, I can tell meeting new people who can control other elements will be a great new experience and adventure for the pair of us" she says taking my hands and smiling merrily, as she does this the floating daisy flies into her hair and inserts itself into the blonde curls. "I do hope the symbol of flowers symbol our harmony towards the other kingdom's" she says.

I want to puke.

"Shall I get you one, what about a new rose after your namesake, it will match your gorgeous hair sister..." 

"No, I am fine Florana" I say standing from my comfortable bed as my sister stares at me "I need to get some air for a little while, you rest well" I say sweetly. She laps it up like a sick dog not even questioning my sudden desire to leave the room "Okay, be safe sister" she tells me. 

I don't reply, I close the door behind her when it slams shut I breathe in relief.

Thank fuck that's over.

Listening to my airhead sister is like listening to the history of Tiose told by the most boring Septon mother could hire. She goes on and on with all her manners and fancy dreams, It's enough to bore me and anyone else to death, She's only popular because she is pretty and kind. She has no wits, no logic, no head on her shoulders to rule Tiose.

I do.

I smile as I walk along the stone corridors, the torches lighting up the Ivy that coats the walls, the Ivy itself is littered in orange buds I cannot name, this obviously the work of my younger twin sisters Autamare and Autamore. Both 14 with frizzy brown hair and mischievous personalities, they love orange and red coloured plants more than anything else. 

In fact I can hear them now.

I dive behind a corner as two frizzy haired blurs pass by me without even looking my direction. Autamare and Autamore are both laughing and playing some sort of childish game "At this time at night" I think wearily, mother will probably chase them down. They love causing trouble and I love not being seen.

If I'm seen it will arouse suspicion.

I creep along to where he is waiting for me, where we agreed to meet in the empty cleaning room two floors above me, navigating myself there I keep an ear out for anyone, no servants around, but that still could mean by Tomboyish sister Groxslain may be stalking me, she done it in the past. Jumping down from the beams of the hall to land on my head to startle me.

I look up the room is still and silent, Groxslain may be a tiny and sneaky eight year old but I am assured  tonight her interests lie elsewhere. My 10 year old sister Vinlin is confined to her room she always is. Most of the time I forget she exists whereas Laformore is a mere babbling 4 year old. 

I conclude I am alone. I open the room to the cleaning room and release a poison laced smile, he is waiting for me right there.

"You took your time my sweet Rose" says Dejik of Dangers, the earlier entertainer at the Presentation ceremony, the handsome black bearded man who my sister had loved for his beautiful light brown eyes. Right now they are blackened in lust as he looks me up and down.

"Dejik you really are of dangers if you risk being caught with me" I say as I stand there twirling my black strands of hair and giving him a sly smile. His face reddens under his beard as he wolf whistles "M'lady my life is worth living for the dangers"

"Then you are going to Love me" I purr as I slip out of my green robe, standing before him bare. He eats up my erotic image as sweat trickles down his forehead and his arousal is evident by the movement of his manhood underneath his layers of ragged leather trousers. I smile, I've got him exactly where I want him.

I move my hips as I straddle towards the window and smile at him there "Well, are you really the man of dangers I sought to make love with, or are you a mouse?" I taunt raising one eyebrow. I see him rise as he approaches me, leaking of masculinity as he prepares to seize me and do what he pleases.

As if this disgusting commoner will ever touch me. 

He reaches the window when I wave my hand and the branches from the nearby tree extend and slither through the window, I work quickly, before the dim witted peasant even notices the danger, I slice my hands through the hair, one thought prominent in my mind.

"Bind him" 

The branches obey my command, one wrapping itself around his ankles, another round his mouth as he has no time to scream as he hits the floor and another wraps itself around his neck, as his arms and legs flap around all the over the place. I add pressure towards his neck. "My sister loved you" I tell his dying form as he tries to reach me, his brown eyes nearly popping out of his head.

"And you rather fuck me? You lived as you died you pathetic low-born, get your thrill Dejik of Dangers?" 

He can't answer because second later there's a crack. Oh dear me, his dead, oh the shame, the horror, the guilt, oh I'm so remorseful...



"I've cleared my head, that air did me good" I say returning to my sister's room. My robe slipped back on to cover my body, my hands clean of the specks of blood. 

"That's good" my sister says, cuddled under her covers, almost asleep.

"Yes it is good sister" I think "I've just seduced and murdered a perverse man who you admired and positioned his corpse at the end of a rope on a tree so It looked like he took his own life. When you wake up tomorrow sister you will get your first taste of the real world" I smile, I haven't done it out of spite to terrify and confuse my delicate sister.

No, I see it as a helping hand to eliminate Tiose of scum.

When I'm the Queen Ruler, I will ensure there will be no inbreeding, I will restore our powers back to their full might, I will restore the islands of old.

And (as it's natural) the nature kingdom will rule all.  

The End

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